Its very true to say we have a lot of projects running. The reasons for that are many. 

Bottom line: This is a hobby, we all have lives and day jobs. We cant just make addons 24hrs a day. So be kind, understanding and above all patient.

Thanks for understanding.

The Many Reasons
  • Rock gets bored and wanders off onto something more interesting,
  • We hit a stumbling block that we cant figure out right away so we take a break.
  • Addons need something else making for them to be able to work or make sense.
  • Real Life gets in the way.
  • People ask for help and things get forgotten.
  • Space monkeys...rabid space monkeys come in and distract Rock from working.
  • Women. Women make everything harder.
  • Health, yeah its gets worse as you get older.


RKSL Common library

Library Required by most RKSL Addons. Contains common items, function etc

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Airfield support tug

Medium sized Aircraft tug. Future plans include other versions and equipment.

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Training OBJECTS

Library Object and targets for training together with some gag items and easter eggs.

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Landing Platform Duck

This was an april fools joke. Its supposed to be a Ship but its a giant rubber duck.
People were not amused...

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A variety of scope attachments to Arma 3, utilising the game's weapon customisation feature.

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