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ArmA2 - British Army Lynx AH Helicopter Pack

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This is a slightly updated port of the ArmA1 helicopters we released earlier. While they do not look much different there are quite a few changes beneath the surface.

Having said that we will be reviewing a number of our projects in light of ArmA2 engine changes. This may mean that the older models may be replaced with new models better optimised for the ArmA2 game engine and patches.

Known issues:

There are several issues with the addon. Mostly Cosmetic in nature:

  • All Textures are WIP and will change!
  • Several of the cockpit instruments are blank
  • Cockpit SMDI is too shiny
  • GPMG has no RVMATs
  • GPMG Texture is poorly optimised.

Thanks & Credits:

Project Coordinators: RKSL Rock

Modeling: RKSL Rock

Textures: RKSL Rock & VXR

Cpp File: RKSL Rock & UNN

Scripting: UNN

Beta Testers: DAR-V, AAC Team,USMC-Kyle,Vinz,Andy M,Andy P.

Documentation: RKSL Rock

Producer: RKSL Studios


Download from Armaholic.com

Required Addons

RKSL System (aka Core) v2.03 BETA

RKSL Flare System v2.03 BETA

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