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ArmA2 - RAF Merlin HC3

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Make sure you read the README file as it explains some of the features and alarms. Active Key Features are:

  • Auto/Manual Landing gear toggle
  • Cockpit Audio Warnings - aka Bitchin' Betty (can be switched off)
  • Fully Instrumented cockpit and warnings
  • Integrated Self Destruct script. to make vehicle respawning easier in Domination etc
  • Laser Designator in the Optical Turret.

Future plans:

  • Auto/Manual Doors toggle
  • Switchable Copilot Position* - Allows the copilot to take control of the aircraft and vice versa.
  • 3 Versions:
    • Unarmed (U) - holds 34 cargo
    • Gun (G) - 3x GPMG - One either side and one on the Ramp with 30 cargo slots*
    • Cargo © - 2x GPMG - One either side with space in the back for cargo.*

    [*]Fire Extinguishers - dependant on an undeveloped damage monitor script system*


v0.723 beta

  • 30+ individual fixes from textures to animations
  • Fixed Script Error
  • Fixed/Improved Shadow Lods
  • 6 New Res Lods
  • changed getin/getout heights


Download from Armaholic.com

Required Addons

RKSL System (aka Core) v2.03 BETA

RKSL Flare System v2.03 BETA

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