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NEW FILE AddedBETA of Albion/Bulwark class LPDs. Landing Platform DUCK

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BETA of Albion/Bulwark class LPDs. Landing Platform DUCK



In this case LPD = Landing Platform Duck


Apologies for the pics.  Im using a Surface Pro4 so it really doesnt have the GPU to do much more than everything on low.


    • LPD with helipad.
    • PhysX compatible.
    • Drivable.
    • Multicrew positions


    Still to do:

    • While the txtures do look ok there is still more work to do.  RVMATs etc
    • The CWIS isnt functioning.
    • The PhysX in the dock is a bit tempermental I need to work on the Geometry a bit more.
    • Animations - radar and cranes etc still need work.  
    • Loading management scripts - while the entire thing is PhysX compatible so you can drive around it.  If you want to load something and expect it to stay put while you move the ship you need to lock it down.  The scripted slots are limited and i'm working on expanding these..
    • Destruction - I'm planning on makeing it sinkable.  Which means debris and lift rafts etc.
    • Various other bits and pieces.



    • Use your mod folders 
    • Use the BIS Addon Launcher.


    Finding the addon in-game:

     In the Editor look under BluFor > UK Armed Forces > Boats > RKSL Albion LPD or RKSL Bulwark LPD.


    Placement ingame:

    Place the ships atleast 20m from shore.  This are big vessels and need space around them.


    Known Issues:

    • Placing helicopters on the deck needs to be done carefully.  Dont drop them from height.  This will cause both objects to explode.
    • Steering at speed results in the ship slewing.  Take it slowly at first until you get used to the controls
    • Too much speed can be built up if you are not careful.  This will be limited eventually.
    • Sharp turns resort in listing


    Feedback is gratefully recieved.





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