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RKSL Typhoon FGR4 v2.601 ALLINONE Package 2.601

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About This File

This is the UPDATED All-In-One package for the v2.601 Typhoon it includes:

  • RKSL-Typhoon.pbo - Core and signatures (Required)
  • RKSL-Airweapons.pbo - Supporting weapons pack (Required)
  • RKSL-Radarsys.pbo - RKSL Flare System (Required)
  • RKSL-System.pbo - RKSL Common System Library (Required)
  • RKSL-Typhoon-raf.pbo - Royal Air Force Plugin (Optional)
  • RKSL-Typhoon-DE.pbo - German Air Force Plugin (Optional)
  • RKSL-Typhoon-AT.pbo - Austrian Air Force Plugin (Optional)
  • RKSL-Typhoon-IT.pbo - Italian Air Force Plugin (Optional)
  • RKSL-Typhoon-SA.pbo - Royal Saudi Air Force Plugin (Optional)
  • RKSL-Typhoon-ES.pbo - Spanish Air Force Plugin (Optional)
  • RKSL-Typhoon-red.pbo - Fictional REDFOR

Please note: At least one plugin is required for the plane to appear in the editor!


  • Flight model Improvements
  • Better AI performance
  • Improved handling for both keyboard and Joystick users
  • Improved scripts - Number of MP issues fixed
  • Improved Flare system integration
  • Restructured PBO for 3rd Party Plugin support.
  • International Plugin and Weapons load outs
    • Austria
    • UK
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Oman (New)
    • RedFOR - Fictional force for PVP and Training.
  • Larger selection of pre-set loudouts.
  • Improved HUD with Parallax layer
  • Improved Cockpit Displays
  • Improved wreck and debris.
    And a lot more.
Version Date Notes
2.601 Public 03-07-13 UPDATED to with latest Plugins.
2.600 Public 25-05-13 Final Public version for ArmA2:CO
RC2.5E 23-09-12 Roll up version for testing
RC2.1E 17-05-12 Play Test version - REDFOR integration
BETA2.05I 02-03-12 Change from animated to classmfd displays
BETA1.9I 03-09-11 2nd genration of Flight Model changes
BETA1.7I 04-05-11 Scripted Test bed
BETA1.65I 15-01-11 Plugins integration changes
BETA1.16I 15-01-11 Internal Beta for MP Testing
BETA1.15I 04-12-10 Improved HUD using class MFD
BETA1.01I 20-08-10

Private build

  • Improved Flight model/AI control
  • Slight texture changes
  • Improved Weapons
BETA1.0 10-07-10

First public release includes:

  • Full ArmA2: Combined Operations compatibility
  • Thermal Maps
  • 20 Preset Weapons loads
BETA0.9 25-06-10

ArmA2 1.07 Test Version Held due to Arrowhead's imminent release

BETA0.85E 01-06-10 DAR-V Edition Testing
BETA0.8I 01-05-10 Reworked Cockpit UV mapping
BETA0.7I 21-04-10 2nd generation Improved HUD
BETA0.6E 02-02-10 Play Testing version
BETA0.5I 01-11-09 1st generation Improved HUD
BETA0.4I 14-10-09 Weapons pack integration


All versions prior to BETA0.4 were for ArmA1 and VBS2.





RKSL Studios (rkslstudios.info)

Project Manager



Modelling & Animation





External Texture by Snorri of the BW Mod
The rest by RKSL Rock
Plugins and Squadrons by Da12thmonkey

Sounds   Rob aka RexeUK

CPP File





RKSL Rock and UNN

Beta Testing


DAR-V Dev Team
Tankbuster (PC Format)
Mark P
Big Dave
Little Dave (because he moans when I forget him)





Special Thanks to:

  • UNN as always for his fantastic scripting and help even at inconvenient times.
  • Snorri of the BW Mod for his fantastic external texture
  • Myke for letting us adapt his throttle sensing afterburner scripts.
  • DAR-V lads for Beta Testing so effectively.
  • Tankbuster for suggesting the wheel brakes.
  • Ballistic09 and Sekra for patiently testing with me the last few weeks.
  • Slippey for the constant badgering and inspirational "chats".
  • Graham @ EuroFighter Gmbh for pointing me in the right direction.
  • Barry @ BAE Systems for advice and all the latest info.
  • Chris Markham for giving me access to over 15,000 HQ aircraft pics.
  • Andy Dutton for letting me abuse his contacts.
  • Markus G (Luftwaffe) for his support.
  • Otto Vashh for the flight model characteristics charts
  • Louise and Simon (RAF) for her efforts to get me the right information every time I asked.

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