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RKSL Bovington Test Area 3.BETA40

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About This File

RKSL Bovington Test Area BETA

Bovington Camp is a real location in the Southwest of England. Its primary use is to teach members of the British Forces to drive and use all the vehicles in the British inventory. But it is also used to test and develop new equipment and improvements to existing kit.

The map was started after a conversation with MikePhoenix[http//https] about having a map to test our vehicles on. I blame him for all that followed. This represents a lot of blood, pain sweat and so many tears its really not funny. It is not the best product I've ever released. And I'm reluctant to release it in this state. But so many people want to get hold of it I've chosen to let it escape into the wild.


Some things you really need to understand:

1) This really is an UNFINISHED, WORK IN PROGRESS!! Lots of broken and messed up things.
2) You MUST set your view distance to no more than 4000m to get the best performance. It uses and 4096x4096 height map and has a 1m per vertex resolution and any view distance over 4k causes massive FPS drops.
3) It will be updated and improved upon over time. That time frame may be months or millenia.
4) This version is a slight step backwards in terms of progress in that it has a lot of placeholder buildings and objects.
5) The green buildings are placeholders for custom buildings. These will be swapped out over time.
6) White objects are unfinished or I've screwed up. They will be replaced faster than the green buildings.
7) It was intended from day 1 to be an internal project soley for Mike and myself.
8) If you want to whine and whinge about it, just unsubscribe and move along.
9) And if you cant resist and are going to whinge. Be constructive and make a Bug report here: BUG TRACKER[www.rkslstudios.info]

Version history

V3.BETA40 First Public BETA Release


  • 16.777 sq Km
  • 99,960 ish objects.
  • Some custom roads,
  • Lots of custom objects,
  • 600m Firing Range with custom firing points.
  • 25m Pistol Range





Created by: RKSL Rock
Custom Objects by: MikePhoenix and RKSL Rock
Tested by:

  • Farsight
  • Smudge
  • Siddy - (when he could remember to download the right version)
  • SmokeDog
  • Kyle
  • ┬áJohn M - Lots of ref pics and advice.

If you would like to donate, I would appreciate it. Especially now with COVID its hard for people to do but If you like the map and our addons dropping me a Kofi would be appreciated

Rock Oct 20












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