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RKSL Watchkeeper 450 3.100

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About This File

RKSL Studios presents the WK450 Watchkeeper 450 Remotely Piloted Air System.

The Watchkeeper WK450 is a Remotely Piloted Air System (RPAS) for all weather, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) use by the British Army. 

It has a mass of 450 kg, a typical endurance of 17 hours, a payload capacity of 150 kg and uses a rotary Wankel engine. It can operate up to 150 km from the Ground Control Station (although multiple stations can be linked to extend the range). It was originally intended to enter service in June 2010, but years of delays, technical issues, hardware modifications, difficulties in training sufficient pilots and incidents means that it is not expected to be fully operational until late 2017.

WK450 3 View.jpg


You may:

icon_copy.pngDISTRIBUTION: You may distribute the original .PBO files within this download freely, so long as the PBO files are unmodified and the Readme and EULA files are included.

Under the following conditions:

icon_attribute.pngATTRIBUTION: You must give the original author credit. The content of this archicve is the sole interlectual property of RKSL Studios and its Creators.


icon_nocommercial.pngNO COMMERCIAL USE: This content is provided free of charge solely for entertainment purposes. You may not use this addon for commercial, military or teaching/training purposes.


icon_noderivatives.pngNO DERIVATIVE WORKS: You shall in no way modify, repackage or reverse engineer any of the archive's content and PBO files included in this download without first receiving prior permission from RKSL Studios.


icon_no_vbs2.pngNO VBS USE: Use of this SOFTWARE may not be used in the VBS/JCOVE product lines or any other simulator without written authorization from the LICENSOR (RKSL Studios)


icon_nosws.pngDO NOT UPLOAD TO STEAM WORKSHOP: You may not upload to Steam Workshop or any other service that reassigns rights over RKSL Studios Intellectual Property to 3rd Parties.



POLICY ON RE-UPLOADS FOR STEAMAny uploads will be met with a DMCA takedown request.

FULL DOCUMENTATION: WK450 Watchkeeper v3.101


  • The Watchkeeper IS UNARMED
  • It does not even have Countermeasures.

Planned Future Features

  • Ground Control Station - placeable 20ft ISO container unit - intended for future use.
  • Transport Container - placeable 20ft ISO container unit - intended for future use.
  • MAGIC-ATOLS - Microwave And GPS Integrated Cooperative - Automatic TakeOff and Landing System - Intended for furture development.
    • Deployable runway using BIS carrier technology
    • Dismountable from support vehicles.


Only milestones are mentioned.

Key: Normal = Development build    Bold = Testing Build or Public Release

  • 3.101- Public Release
  • 3.071 - Reverted Wheel and damper anim sources until fix for physX issues.
  • 3.070 - Increased fuel 200% loiter time now approx 2 hours 10 mins
    • fuelCapacity = 750;
  • 3.069 - Support models disabled - intended for a later application.
    • Shelter model removed
    • Container Model removed
  • 3.068 - PhysX wheels drama #2 - creeping forward when placed.
  • 3.067 - Added 2 degrees to turret up
  • 3.066 - Wreck placement issues
  • 3.065 - Added engine sounds
  • 3.064 - Flight model changes
    • Envelope changes to increase take off length.
    • Roll rate reduced
    • Pitch rate reduced
  • 3.063 - Wider Private Beta
  • 3.062 - Support models added
    • Shelter model added
    • Container Model added
  • 3.061 - Wreck model added
  • 3.060 - Flight model reverted to 3.050
  • 3.056 - DAR-V integrated test version
  • 3.055 - Flight model refinement (Toby's suggestions)
  • 3.050 - DAR-V suggested edits
  • 3.049 - Pre bake model for POC testing
  • 3.043 - Wingbox rebuild final
  • 3.022 - Low Poly rebuild v2
  • 3.015 - Internal release to Test monkeys
  • 3.011 - First Resolution Model
  • 3.005 - Flight Model Development model
  • 3.001 - Block/Non Res Concept Build model


This addons and model is 100% unique and doesnt not incorporate any 3rd party content:

  • Model: Rock
  • Textures: Rock
  • Config: Rock
  • Testing:
    • The lads of DAR-V
    • Fuller of Task Force 316
    • Mathias aka ToxicLemon
  • Research & Information



Dec 24th 2017




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