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  1. Its an upload... I'm having problems getting this video onto YouTube when it finally uploads I'll post properly when its done. Its finally uploaded, just took eight and a half hours. I have such a crap internet connection. These last weeks have been very productive in terms of RKSL & IAP work. Between us we've managed to bottom most of the bugs on the Typhoon. So much so that I'm relieved to say its at a point I'm comfortable enough saying we'll release it in a couple of weeks. I have a few things left to do, mostly with the weapons pack and I'm waiting on any last minute feedback from the Beta and UKAF guys but I think its finally ready. I havent managed to get everything into this release that I wanted to but I've decided to leave some of the new things until ArmA3. Or maybe that should be I dont have the time to add these features just yet Anyway guys Its coming. Its just over the hill. The Monster!
  2. Saturday the 29th of June is UK Armed Forces Day It seemed appropriate that since we benefit so much from the contributions of our (all of us are British subjects) Armed Forces that we help raise awareness and celebrate the work they do in our name. To that end on Saturday the 29th at 15:00 BST we will be releasing not one! But two addons. 1 - Typhoon FGR4 v2.6 2 - Foxhound LPPV by Messiah If you are a regular visitor to the RKSL Website or BI Forum thread you'll know quite a lot about both the Typhoon and the Foxhound. Well the time has come to release them into the wild! Foxhound LPPV The Force Protection Ocelot is a British armoured vehicle that has replaced the United Kingdom's Snatch Land Rover with British forces. It was given the service name Foxhound, in line with the names given to other wheeled armored vehicles in current British use, such as Mastiff and Ridgeback. The goal in replacing the Snatch Land Rover was to improve protection of personnel against improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Which really wasnt hard since the Snatch was never intended to withstand those kinds of attacks. I think Messiah has definitely outdone himself with this one. Considering this is his first addon since returning to addon making after 4 year break he's set the bar really high now and its going to be hard to keep up with him... but we're going to try! I asked Messiah to describe the features for the Foxhound he just said: Not really sure there are any features, per se, just adds a couple of Foxhounds So with that I'll just say that, this is a BETA version and it comes in two colours: Tan and Green. Thats about it really. There are some issues with it, they are noted in the documentation, but those should be fixed in the next BETA or FINAL release. EuroFighter Typhoon v2.6 Its finally ready. The long overdue and awaited update to the original BETA released nearly 3 years ago... The latest build includes over 500 changes, improved handling, new loadouts and most visibly a new cockpit and HUD setup. The 2.6 package also includes a plugin system that supports every nation that currently operates the Typhoon but also allows the end user to create their own plugins and skins. We've tried to ensure that every Nation has a representation of their own Typhoon squadrons where possible. Some nations information isnt really that easy to find so we apologise if your national plugin doesn't represent every squadron or scheme available. With every nation represented and each plugin having about 20 loadouts and variations in the PBO thats about 140 options to play with! Should keep you lot quiet for a while. And a little boast here. I am absolutely confident when I say this is the only addon out that that has exploited the class MFD command to this level. With 5787 lines of code supporting 12 active 'panels' I know that no other addon prior to this has such a dynamic cockpit as this... and I have plans to go even farther in ArmA3! Get counting guys... only a few days to go!
  3. This WIP report should have gone out last night... I was nearly ready but I thought i'd just do one more little job. Which of course led on to just fixing that other niggly little thing... which predictably broke something else and before i knew it it was 2am. So I woke up this morning, shoved the paper work off my cluttered desk and went hell for leather at the Typhoon... and at about 2000 tonight I finally finished it. Well not all of it but the niggly bits and the things that i broke last night! What does this mean? Well the fix ends months of bug hunting and swearing, beard pulling and prevaricating over which model to bottom first. This will probably be the last big update to the Typhoon for ArmA2. I have a completely new model for ArmA3 so I'd prefer to focus on that from now on. But this is no small update. According to my desktop bug tracker it represents 531 changes since the beta. Only a few of which have been mentioned in the updates over the last year. Flight model Improvements Better AI performance Improved handling for both keyboard and Joystick users Improved scripts - Number of MP issues fixed Improved Flare system integration Restructured PBO for 3rd Party Plugin support. International Plugin and Weapons load outs Austria UK Germany Italy Spain Saudi Arabia Oman (New) RedFOR - Fictional force for PVP and Training. Larger selection of pre-set loudouts. Improved HUD with Parallax layer Improved Cockpit Displays Improved wreck and debris. And a lot more. It also opens the door for a lot of other aircraft projects in our archive to be finished. Largely thanks to the lessons learnt on this development. Displays and HUDs can be more practical now and less reliant of animations which may (or may not) contribute to server lag. I have the last 3 recorded bugs to fix and then its only the updated documentation to do and it will be ready for release. Watch this space... Rock
  4. More typhoon news this week. We're pushing on with the fixes and some final polish. Da12thMonkey has been kicking my arse and finding bugs for me to fix all this last week as well as churning out even more plugins! Ok so these aren't exactly true to real life but Da12th has obviously had some spare time on his hands (I will be fixing that in the near future too ) since hes managed to produce over a dozen or so "fantasy" skins for us to play with... Skins featured are: RAF Red Arrows No.74 Squadron "black fin" Cold War-era camouflage Desert Storm 'pink' (+sharkmouth nose art) RAAF RCAF RNZAF Old 3-colour green camo Modern all-over dark grey USAF 'Hill' scheme (F-16 type) 'Ghost' scheme (F-15/F-22 type) Denmark Belgium Netherlands Czech Republic Rep. Ireland Poland Romania Japan Malaysia Brazil Oman (remnant from before I made the plugin) RACS Green/Sand camo Grey/Blue-grey low-vis camo Takistan Ballistic09 was kind enough to take some screenshots for us: A texture and config template will be available with the released addon... which should be available soon! Have fun Rock
  5. So, "WIP wednesday" turned into "Tardy Thursday" and now its nearly "[email protected]#& it Friday". Without further ado, may I present Talking Typhs Part 3 - Plugins. Right from the very start I had thought about making various national versions/reskins etc. It is inevitable someone would want a German version or a Spanish etc. BIS gave us the ability to do this via config replacements and hidden selections. Something together we've taken to calling a plugin. The idea is pretty simple really. We have the core PBO file. this contains all the models, scripts, sounds etc and a base config. We then have national PBOs. Each containing that specific countries skins and config etc. The core file itself is "Private", this means that alone the file will put nothing in the editor tree. It needs a plugin that inherits from the Core to give a placeable object. So far we have seven National Plugins: UK - Royal Air Force DE - Bundeswehr Luftwaffe IT - Aeronautica Militare ES - Ejercito del Aire SA - Royal Saudi Air Force AT - Austrian Air Force REDFor We will be releasing a "template" pack with the addon. A base texture in PSD format, something you can then add your own schemes to as you like. The same goes for a commented config for making your own plugins. Rock PS very big Thank you to Da12thMonkey. Hes the responsible for creating the majority of these national plugins. I forgot to mention it earlier
  6. This week rolled around fast. No sooner you finish writing one update and you need to write another. This week: Typhoon updates: Part 1. A Typhoon update was due to be released around the same time the official patch 1.60 came out. But the changes in 1.60 caused us unexpected problems. Well honestly the 1.1 Typhoon build was due ages ago (I’ve just checked its well over a year since we released the 1st build) but to my shame I have to use the tired and oh so common excuse: Life just got in the way. Things like work, moving house, more work, other models, beer the odd pizza, walking the dog. You know the usual stuff that gets in the way of your hobbies. Anyway, the much promised 2.0 update is pretty significant. The time hasn’t been wasted. At least I don’t think so. Here’s the list of the biggest changes: More detail in the cockpit view. New MFD Displays Accurate HUD Improved AI handling (New Flight model) Improved animations (model.cfg) Improved scripting Pylon options Support for national plug-ins Rexeuk’s sounds now included (with full permission – thanks Rob) The original Typhoon has/had some significant flaws. As I repeatedly get told, the AI couldn’t fly it that well and the sounds were “crap” and various other unhelpful critiques. I always thought BI’s sounds weren’t that bad myself. But alas I am tone deaf. Seriously, you don’t want to hear me sing in the shower, although unless you are female, slim attractive and possibly blind I’ve no idea what you would be doing in my bathroom listening to me sing anyway. Actually lets just leave that image alone, its getting a tad creepy. Right back to the quality of my singing, it’s rather like dropping a half a dozen bricks and a cat in a moving cement mixer. Lots of wailing, the odd screech all with random Doppler effects. My ex once said I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. Even I have to admit she’s right about that. But I digress. So as above, lots of changes the two most significant changes are the Flight model and HUD. I really didn’t like the original displays. It felt a bit too “cartoony” for me so I rewrote them using the class mfd command in the config. It’s long winded, complicated, annoying and rife with limitations but it looks pretty good in the end. I went a tad OTT (Over The Top) with it, replacing pretty much every bit of text in sight and ive had some issues with the conditional sources/triggers but it does add a bit of something extra to the displays. But the HUD is where all the work pays off. Some time ago BIS introduced a parallax effect to the pilot’s point of view by moving the aim point and camera around during manoeuvres. The problem is that it meant the aim point/crosshair moves. Making the HUD markings useless. BI’s solution to that was to move the entire HUD display with it. There is a whole thread devoted to the topic so I wont bore you by repeating it here but it had some undesirable effects. Mostly it was just annoying as F*@%. But it did mean we couldn’t use the MFD command as we had planned. BUT BIS were kind enough to give us the option to enable and disable it at will. This led to the options to create multiple layers of HUD. A static plate and a dynamic – parallax enabled - plate. Meaning the we now had the ability to display things like speed, altitude etc in the static plane and have the aim points and cues moving around to maintain accuracy. Its hard to see in the pictures but once you are in game and flying it becomes so obvious that you wonder how you lived without it before. The other hugely significant change is the Flight model. This had to be changed mainly for the AI, they occasionally turned so sharply that they lost control and lets face it they were worse than useless at engaging threats. Especially air-to-air, corkscrew anyone? And this was my fault, in my never-ending-quest for realism I had tried to get an accurate pitch, roll and turn rate. And as far as we could see it wasn’t far off but the AI just could not deal with it. So I was forced to trim it down a bit. The “new” flight model is actually the result of nearly 2 months of AI testing – there is a whole series of blogs about Flight models planned for the future – part of which was an attempt at writing a large chapter of the “Aircraft addon bible” I seem to be writing (tutorials). The result isn’t what I would like but it works quite well for both AI and Players. Ballistic09 seems to have mastered it quite well in our PVP games. He keeps killing me anyway. (he cheats!) So I’m going to leave it there for the moment. I’m starving, need a pee, I really want a beer and I have spent a large part of today trying to get a meeting with a guy that doesn’t seem to exist according to his receptionist. Despite the fact his name is on the building in one metre high letters. Tomorrow however, joy of joys, I get to stand up in front of a couple of hundred people and talk about Extended Enterprise and Remote Working in Modern Industry for 3 hours. It’s going to be so much fun I can just hear the snores already. Rock
  7. It's been a very long time coming but Typhoon v1.5 is nearing release. There has been some significant restructuring going on. During the last year we've had lots of feedback. And i really do mean lots, and its still coming in. We've tried hard to respond to all of these comments and suggestions and I think the latest build we have represents a huge improvement in the addon. Key Features Improved HUDs - incorporating the Parallax enabled layers Improved Flight models - improved stability and turn rates Improved AI compatibility - the AI now fly the aircraft properly and really do hold their own (kiss good bye to the SU-34 and SU-30s.) Improved cockpit model Added Pylon system - change the number or configuration of the pylons Improved textures Improved Afterburner textures End user made plugins now supported. New Sounds - courtesy of Rexeuk and BigPickle User made plugin in Support Typhoon Core and Plugins Due to the number of requests we've had to make other national versions we've had to restructure the PBOs and classnames. To make it easier for people to get the version and only the version they want we've split the previous RAF class names away from the base/core PBO file. Each nation now has its own plugin PBO. We've also changed the focus of the the Air weapons pack to include a much larger range of ordinance. Including, UK, NATO and Eastern Bloc weapons. This means that its now possible to more accurately tailor the load outs to fit your own national needs or create your own custom weapons fits. We'll be providing config and texture templates for those that are interested in making their own versions and plugins so you can make your own clan/team specific version without affecting the core addon or having the need to ask for permissions (as long as you don't mess with the original PBO).
  8. Phase 1 - Fixes and short reworks Fixed up the currently available model New Flight model/performance Better AI performance Various small model tweaks slightly reworked cockpit New MFD displays New HUD setup Improved HUD function and Targeting. Split the PBO into a core file and a "plugin" Added full support for texture swapping via config. Added German Luftwaffe EF2000 plugin with German Language support. Improved the Stringtable support for non-English speakers. Improved the Weapons pack Added to the weapons pack Changed some config values Various script upgrade Added detach option to the break chute. Brake chute automatically detaches over a set speed. Phase 2 - Model Revamp - All of the above + Improved model Reworked Forward fuselage to correct for the odd blending and vent placement. Split the main texture over two tiles now. Increased the detail on the textures Added support for Myke's leaning. Improved Normal and RVMATs (rendered as opposed to drawn) And more.
  9. We've been asked for some national Typhoon Varients so we've tried to oblige. We will be releasing a texture and config template pack too, so you can make your own skins too. Upcoming Typhoon V2.0 Plugins are: Royal Air Force 3 Squadron 11 Squadron 17 Squadron 29 Squadron 43 Squadron (OK its fictional - they didnt have Typhoons but it was a special request from a tech "consultant") Austria Generic Skin (neither Da12thMonkey or I could find any squadron specific markings other than numbers) Germany Generic JBG31 JBG33 JG71 JG73 JG74 Spain Generic ALA 11 ALA 14 Italy Generic 9 Gruppo 4st 10 Gruppo 36st 12 Gruppo 36st REDFor Red #1 Air Superiority Blue/Grey Splinter Camo Red #2 Ground Attack Green/Yellow/Brown Splinter Camo Saudi Arabia Generic 10 Squadron 29 Squadron PLEASE NOTE: Big thank you to Da12thMonkey for making the international Squadron skins. He's made nearly all these plugins possible.
  10. UPDATE: Typhoon v2.0

    Just a quick extract of the key additions/changes: Refined/Improved Flight model. Improved AI use. Re-developed HUD and MFD displays. Pylons are now configurable. You can choose between 1 and 7 pylons. (See Pics below) All national versions are supported by "Plugins" A plugin and texture template will be available at release. National plugins have associated weapons (RKSL Air Weapons pack 1.6)
  11. Just to show some progress in the Cockpit. I've replaced the old style HUD unit withthe correct TARDIS enabled version now and done some work on the rear seat. Recently I've had a little break from the hectic life of ArmA2 modding. But, as they say, "All good things must come to an end". So i'm back to the joys of lighting errors and unwrapping. So here we are again, Tonka cockpits. When i showed the first pics of screenshots of the model Da12thmonkey was kind(?) enough to point out i'd made the wrong HUD projectors for the latest GR4 airframe. (You have no idea how much time i spent on the f'ing thing) So i've now replaced the GR1/F3 model with the more up to date TARDIS (Tornado Advanced Radar Display Information System) version. I think i've said it before, the Tornado is one of "those" hard to finish projects. You know, one of those jobs you need to do, but aren't really sure how you are going to finish it. Like so many people, i desperately want to finish the damn thing but its proving to be slow going. Not because Im not interested in it, but because I want to do it properly. So stick with me while I slog through the not-at-all-fun unwrapping and texturing. Lets hope its going to be worth it in the end.
  12. Version 2.601


    This is the UPDATED All-In-One package for the v2.601 Typhoon it includes: RKSL-Typhoon.pbo - Core and signatures (Required) RKSL-Airweapons.pbo - Supporting weapons pack (Required) RKSL-Radarsys.pbo - RKSL Flare System (Required) RKSL-System.pbo - RKSL Common System Library (Required) RKSL-Typhoon-raf.pbo - Royal Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-DE.pbo - German Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-AT.pbo - Austrian Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-IT.pbo - Italian Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-SA.pbo - Royal Saudi Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-ES.pbo - Spanish Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-red.pbo - Fictional REDFOR Please note: At least one plugin is required for the plane to appear in the editor! Features Flight model Improvements Better AI performance Improved handling for both keyboard and Joystick users Improved scripts - Number of MP issues fixed Improved Flare system integration Restructured PBO for 3rd Party Plugin support. International Plugin and Weapons load outs Austria UK Germany Italy Spain Saudi Arabia Oman (New) RedFOR - Fictional force for PVP and Training. Larger selection of pre-set loudouts. Improved HUD with Parallax layer Improved Cockpit Displays Improved wreck and debris. And a lot more. Changelog Version Date Notes 2.601 Public 03-07-13 UPDATED to with latest Plugins. 2.600 Public 25-05-13 Final Public version for ArmA2:CO RC2.5E 23-09-12 Roll up version for testing RC2.1E 17-05-12 Play Test version - REDFOR integration BETA2.05I 02-03-12 Change from animated to classmfd displays BETA1.9I 03-09-11 2nd genration of Flight Model changes BETA1.7I 04-05-11 Scripted Test bed BETA1.65I 15-01-11 Plugins integration changes BETA1.16I 15-01-11 Internal Beta for MP Testing BETA1.15I 04-12-10 Improved HUD using class MFD BETA1.01I 20-08-10 Private build Improved Flight model/AI control Slight texture changes Improved Weapons BETA1.0 10-07-10 First public release includes: Full ArmA2: Combined Operations compatibility Thermal Maps 20 Preset Weapons loads BETA0.9 25-06-10 ArmA2 1.07 Test Version Held due to Arrowhead's imminent release BETA0.85E 01-06-10 DAR-V Edition Testing BETA0.8I 01-05-10 Reworked Cockpit UV mapping BETA0.7I 21-04-10 2nd generation Improved HUD BETA0.6E 02-02-10 Play Testing version BETA0.5I 01-11-09 1st generation Improved HUD BETA0.4I 14-10-09 Weapons pack integration All versions prior to BETA0.4 were for ArmA1 and VBS2. Notes Producer RKSL Studios (rkslstudios.info) Project Manager RKSL Rock Modelling & Animation RKSL Rock Textures External Texture by Snorri of the BW Mod The rest by RKSL Rock Plugins and Squadrons by Da12thmonkey Sounds Rob aka RexeUK CPP File RKSL Rock Scripting RKSL Rock and UNN Beta Testing DAR-V Dev Team Tankbuster (PC Format) Ballistic09 Sekra Ian Tam Mark P "Jock" Poll Smudge Big Dave Little Dave (because he moans when I forget him) Documentation RKSL Rock Special Thanks to: UNN as always for his fantastic scripting and help even at inconvenient times. Snorri of the BW Mod for his fantastic external texture Myke for letting us adapt his throttle sensing afterburner scripts. DAR-V lads for Beta Testing so effectively. Tankbuster for suggesting the wheel brakes. Ballistic09 and Sekra for patiently testing with me the last few weeks. Slippey for the constant badgering and inspirational "chats". Graham @ EuroFighter Gmbh for pointing me in the right direction. Barry @ BAE Systems for advice and all the latest info. Chris Markham for giving me access to over 15,000 HQ aircraft pics. Andy Dutton for letting me abuse his contacts. Markus G (Luftwaffe) for his support. Otto Vashh for the flight model characteristics charts Louise and Simon (RAF) for her efforts to get me the right information every time I asked.
  13. Version 2.601


    If you already have the v2.600 Typhoon package you only need to download this and overwrite the existing files. If you don't have the addons already just download the v2.601 ALL-IN-ONE Package. This is the UPDATED Plugins package for the v2.601Typhoon it includes: RKSL-Typhoon-RAF.pbo - Royal Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-DE.pbo - German Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-AT.pbo - Austrian Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-IT.pbo - Italian Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-SA.pbo - Royal Saudi Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-ES.pbo - Spanish Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-RED.pbo - Fictional REDFOR Please note: At least one plugin is required for the plane to appear in the editor! Features This is a maintenance update for the v2.600 Typhoon. An older set of Plugins (2.5) was accidentally uploaded with the 2.600 Typhoon. This package includes all the latest builds of all the official plugins. Changelog v2.601 - Update package with corrected plugins/addons
  14. From the album Typhoon in ArmA2

    © RKSL Studios

  15. ...and the lads step up and save the day again! This week is bits and pieces. There has been a lot of progress behind our closed - virtual - doors this week. Messiah is developing his ongoing love of dirty rubber. Da12thMonkey is redecorating, UNN is still sat in his cupboard doing mysterious things with UAVs and the game engine. And me, well I'm pissed wet through and FECKING FREEZING!!!!!!! Oh and I'm going grey trying to work out what is causing the proxy doubling bug on the Typhoons... Right now I am stuck in Deepest, Darkest North Wales on an engineering gig that, quite frankly blows. There is a long and soggy story to this but its not worth getting into now but I will say I want to go home. NOW!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I don't think we're going to be able to get out anytime soon one of the lad's cars was last seen a week ago, floating down the road. And I've already used by 4Gb data allowance on my new 3G dongle in 5 days. It was supposed to last a month. Anyhoo, back to the plot. Typhoon Update #3047 Since I've been a bit busy with work I havent had much time to do much more than tinker and try and fix a few bugs. Ever since Patch 1.62 some user made addons have been plagued by an odd bug that only seems to affects one or two addons. Specifically some of FRL Mykes planes and of course our Typhoon. Now I would absolutely love to be able to blame BIS for this (Sorry guys) but I can't, well maybe just a little bit So if you haven't already seen it this is the effect: Its just a visual thing. The ammo count isn't affected but release one weapon and two disappear from the pylon. But only one drops or is fired. The pic above is the test load out and you cant see any doubling of proxies at all. And the conventional loadout works OK too... As I said, it doesn't seem to affect the Tornado for some bizarre reason and I believe some of Myke's other planes aren't affected either. So it has to be something we did. But I'm buggered if I know what it is. Answers on a postcard, carrier pigeon or PM or anything... would be greatly received. Da12th's Re-decorating. Many moons ago I said we'd release some national plugins with the version 2.X Typhoon. Well we've done them (Mike aka Da12thmonkey has virtually done them all, I helped a little bit) and hes added another Italian squadron to the set. Messiah's Dirty Rubber(s) When someone starts talking about "rubber" and "dirt". Well I don't know what to say really, my mind just goes odd places. Of course we are talking about wheels and tyres. We at RKSL Studios are not publicly inclined towards discussions of a deviant nature...all the time. Look at the wheel nuts on that! WOOOHOOO! So you can guess whose making all the wheel textures from now on! OK so I haven't made much progress. I'm bald already and I am rapidly getting greyer by the second. But at least the rest of the guys are making progress. Rock
  16. I just can't catch a break this week. Well this and last month... maybe the month before that too... Oh sod it, I just can't catch a break! Where to start... well this week's update was properly planned, executed last Thursday and then finally murdered on Tuesday morning. First I had codec dramas. Audio would play but no video then the reverse. Video but no sound, all the sort of crap you really don't need when the update is pretty much just video with a commentary. So, I fixed the codec issue only to discover the headset and mic i used is a tad... fraked. The mic is patchy and sounds like I have a UH1 spinning up in my office and its only recording on the left channel... Then when I get it all fixed, it dies half way through recording the 2nd video. So that's going to have to wait until next week. So back to this week: Talking Tyffs - Part Deux This week a Cockpit video showing the new MFDs working away with a multilayer parallax enabled HUD (sounds impressive put like that doesn't it). The main down side is that you have to put up with Rock droning on about it all. The plan was to have a second video showing the weapons modes on the HUD, explain the symbology and how to use it effectively. "The plans of mice and men don't amount to a hill of beans in this here town". (How badly can you maul famous quotes and still get away with it.) I'd suggest watching it in 1080p you will see much more. Its still WIPpy but its very close to RELly. And - say it with me - Its done when its done
  17. Rock though you lot might like to see these. Since doing the squadron markings on the international plugins for Rock a few months ago; I've been mucking around with the texture templates on-and-off, to make a few more 'exotic' skins for the Typhoon: They wont be included with the next RKSL release as official plugins like those that Rock listed, but they show the kind of things you'll be able to do yourselves with the skinning template that comes with it; just by using the setobjecttexture command in the editor, or by making your own skins plugin. Those above are but a small sample of a dozen or so skins that I was able put together in next to no time. Note that a few of the weapons I loaded with 'addweapon/addmagazine' are from Myke's pack, not the RKSL one.