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Found 9 results

  1. ArmA3’s underwater features have always seemed a bit of an oddity to me. At release Bohemia made a big noise about being able to swim, dive and SDVs etc. But nothing was really made of it and the community has never embraced it very much either. Sure, there has been some subs but no one seemed to use them. Due to the game engine limits, they really aren’t practical either. Size does matter So, I thought I’d have a proper look at the capabilities and limitations. Leaving the actual model aside for a moment, it was the limitations that I wanted to get a grasp of. For those that don’t know ArmA has a geometry limit 50m x 50m x ?m (x,y,z) No object can exceed this if it has a roadway lod. 64m x 64m x ?m - If it doesn’t have a roadway. BUT! In some cases, it seems you can get even longer providing it’s not as wide. For unknown reasons volume comes into play. I don’t know how or why but it does. No solid rules in ArmA modding guys Moving on, the best OPFOR Sub that fits that statement (and the IAP requirements) seems to be the “Kilo” class sub. It’s 74m long, 9.9m at the beam (widest point on the hull) and thanks to the quirkiness of ArmA3’s game engine is modelled as a single piece and is completely solid in game. Why Submarines? For my IAP project I wanted a to have a hidden threat to shipping, a way to lob missiles onto ground targets without being seen and generally cause havoc. So, torpedoes and sub launched cruise missiles are going to be on the cards at some point. This in game version of the Kilo, is armed with the Russian Type 53-65 Torpedo and the 3M54 Klub Land attack missile. A limited mixed load should help with balance. The real sub can carry 18x 533mm weapons or missiles. If you assume a load out of 12 Torpedoes and 6 Land Attack Missiles that should be realistic for a full war time load…? Overkill? Not sure yet. But does it sink? Just like the Vanguard class subs the Kilo is still too large to sink using the stock controls. Simply put the game engine just doesnt liek any subs larger than the SDV. So as with the larger subs I'm going to give it some scripted assistance. Which to be honest I think will be much more fun to use. 'Rig for Submerged running!' 'Blow All ballast' 'Dive planes to 10 degrees' 'Make revolutions for 5 knots' C'mon you just read that in Sean Connery's voice didn't you! Hunt for red October: ArmA Edition anyway? Collaboration A few people that know me well enough know that I hate writing configs and I can’t write scripts well enough to do that much beyond the basics. So I’ve teamed up with someone else to do a trade models for coding skills. I’m going to let him out himself, but the end intent for him is to provide a naval weapons/anti-submarine package that addon makers can eventually incorporate into their own addons. So, the Kilo sub will not only be released un the RKSL/IAP tag but it will also see Steam release via my new partner. Should be good. I’m excited anyway. More later. Rock
  2. I don't really know how else to approach this. I am getting a bit pissed off with ArmA3 and the PMs/emails from people porting our stuff over and expecting it to work in the ALPHA perfectly. RKSL Studios does not support any unofficial ports of our addons into ArmA3. Guess what kids it doesn't work! And It wont work bug free either! ArmA3 doesn't NOT support all the same features as ArmA2 yet. Nor does it share all the same class names. NO we arent going to fix it so it works in ArmA3 ALPHA any time soon no matter how many times you make demands and threats. Ever since some muppet put a video of the Typhoon in ArmA3 I've been inundated with demands to fix it. I've even come across at least 10+ people hacking the addon to "fix" it and distributing it to all and sundry. Some even had the balls to come and ask me for the MLODS so they can do it themselves. I've spent nearly all of the last 3 weeks replying to emails and chasing down the hosts for these edited copies. Guys please don't edit the PBOs. It causes so many problems for us that it just destroys my enthusiasm for making public releases. And please just hold off using our stuff in ArmA3 until all the features are supported and we OFFICIALLY release an ArmA3 version. Back to the plan Ok this week I've had a lot to choose from. I've been travelling a lot again which means I've been lurking in airport lounges and trains for hours on end. Which means I've had quite a lot of time to get some work done. Mostly unwrapping though, which I hate. But it has been a very productive time with 3 projects almost completely unwrapped and ready for texturing. I've even managed to make a start of the Typhoon v2.6 (A2/CO final version) documentation. Since last weeks little game ended so abruptly and I haven't finished the renders for this week's effort I thought we'd try for something harder. Guess Who #2 This is a very hard one. So I'm going to give some clues. Its not in British service It is going to feature in IAP but could well be of interest to several other mods. So here's a few more clues: Its not or will (most likely) never be in the UK service. Its large but not too large. It started "life" as something less "warlike" (In the real world) Its quick. And here is another picture... Evodan got it... I thought this one would run for the week but I think the 2nd pic gave too much away Anyhoo... more pics: Flax can now spill his guts It is a JHSV obviously still very much in WIP. I still need to add everything below the waterline, some external details and the ramp etc on the rear. It has an enterable interior and with PhysX could be mobile aswell. The "plan" is that it will feature in IAP as part of a side campaign that Flax wanted to get into. Outside of that I saw it as a mobile base for small teams and an interesting "modern" warship to make for the IAP (2020+) time frame that could 'happily' cross over into the Fantasy Alternate reality of ArmA3. Anyway, Im going to have to sort the next WIP out sooner than I thought... I would have bet it would run all week.
  3. On time for a change! Step change this month. Well not really but its the first time for a while we've mentioned IAP, islands and revisiting old ghosts. IAP for those that dont know is short hand for Ilhas Africanos Project. Its a bastardisation of Portuguese for which I do apologise but if someone wants to put me right on the correct translation for African Islands i'd be forever grateful. Anyway IAP was/is/will be about creating a battlefield and OPFOR for community made National mods to fight against. Its ambitious, hugely complicated and fraught with politics and other "fun" things but it could just be great...Maybe...if the concept works. If you build it they will come... For us IAP was an antidote to large mod packs dominating the modding and MP scene driving out the small mod makers. Lets be honest, you are more likely to download a huge mod pack to actually go online play with your friends than you are a collection of 50+ addons, that you have to collect together and may not exactly work properly together are you? IAP was/is intended to allow all levels of modders to get involved in a community project. The IAP team/contributers would provide a core island, some basic addons and a story line. The subsequent releases would then be episodes in the story line. A new set of addons, a chapter in the campaign and etc. So the first stage of that is to provide an island to develop on. And this means buildings, addons, missions and the detailed story arcs. In the ArmA2 era RKSL released an ALPHA of the Ilha Marrom Island. The intention was to gather feedback abou the island's size. To stimulate some interest and see if we could get some collaboration going. It was a slow start, but a few people did join the effort and we made some progress. But the ArmA2 terrain tools weren't exactly collaboration friendly. A number of community made tools did ease the burden but It was still hard for several people to work on the same files without negative effect. I dont know how BIS did it, but four people working on populating a huge island space was rather challenging to say the least. The game engine has changed So time has flown. The game engine has changed and so have the available tools. I've been the owner of L3DT Pro for quite some time but its only been recently that i've really tried to use it in anger. Largely thanks to Spookygnu and Smokedog. Being sat on Teamspeak listening to them inspired me to bring Ilha Marrom out into the ArmA3-verse again. And L3DT was really the only tool seasoned terrain makers seemed to recommend. Atleast in the budget of a mere mortal. A truely Combined Arms map The original island was a lot flater than this version. I decided to change that because of some lessons I learnt playing with other groups on other large terrains. Blocking the longer view distances can sometimes help with performance and it can make it far more interesting for aircrew and CAS. Ilha Marrom, even before the IAP concept was properly formed was always meant to be a truely Combined Arms map. Large enough to support not only Fast jets and helos but to make artillery and logistics practical and actually necessary. But, its more about gameplay. The steeper terrain channels people into choke points and it provided some interesting scenerios. The heightmap is all hand drawn. Originally, in Daylon Leveler but the latest version was revamped and re-sculpted in L3DT Pro. The 3D scuplting and attribute painting tools make it a real pleasure to use compared to my old work flow. I absolutely hated making Sat-masks where every pixel drawn relates to a specific ground texture and material. Even then the output still, sometimes, requires a few tweaks in photoshop to get an output suitable for ArmA3's terrain builder to process. But its far easier than any other tool i've tried before. WORK-IN-PROGRESS Within a week i've got a basic-WORK-IN-PROGRESS satellite map and mask. Neither is close ot the final but its enough to get an alpha ingame for some early tests: I've already got a lot of the zones mapped. Alot of these are key to the story line and will require quite a lot of custom buildings but i've been busy building for quite some time. And we do have some promises of "donations" and "trades" once we get to the proper stage. I'm really hoping XCAM will be publically available before then. Town Planning The blue zones represent larger urban/industrial areas. The density of these area will and does vary greatly. The green - rural and farms The yellow - Airfields & Airports The Red - Military camps and areas There will be of course numerous little hamlets and places to explore as well as some offshore easter eggs to find and explore. I'm hoping that once we get something fairly basic out into the public domain and maybe more tools become available we'll be able to get a larger group of people to help populate the island. I've already got a few people interested in helping. The idea is to create an interesting, fairly realistic and varied island to base the story on. Then expand and develop. Rock - October 29th 2014 Thats all for the moment. Keep an eye on the RKSL website for more details.
  4. Some updates just aren't all that visual. Its been a rather odd week lots of travel, work, socks, unwrapping and textures but not really much I can really show you. Well nothing that interesting anyway. So this week its a quick run down-round up. Before I go much further I need to say that the Typhoon WILL be released at the end of the month to coincide/support UK Armed Forces Day so sit tight and shut up about it Onwards and upwards... BAe Hawks Common textures - Think of this a base layer which all the textures will be drawn from. Pylon Setups - As with Typhoon 2.6 all the possible pylon configurations are going to be supported. Ranging from the "clean" to the 'almost impossibly well hung'. Model.cfg - This was really only an update from ArmA1 standards but its now setup for ArmA2's animation sources and been tweaked a bit to make it all work smoothly. Hawk Specific Stores - Pretty much every aircraft has something unique to them. The Hawk has a number of fuel tanks and fairings specific to them and them alone. Eg the modified fairings used on the Red Arrows and Training Aircraft. I've managed to model nearly all of them now. CBFASI's Patrol Boat This got some attention some time ago now its finally getting some textures. It's slow going but it is starting to actually look the part! The Ultimate Weed Killer The rest of the week has been mostly laundry and trying to catch up on sleep. And rebuilding a Oxford Allen Motor Scythe. This thing is lethal! My step-father bought it to cut the tall grass at their house in France. Typically since hes not mechanically minded (he was a civil engineer on the railways once up on a time) I got stuck with re-assembling it and getting it running. The one pictured isnt the actual one we have. But its raining outside right now and I cant be arsed to go get wet. Its really over engineered in a very 1940's British way which is rather cool but its incredibly heavy and has absolutely no regard for health and safety. When the engine is running the blades are constantly moving. There is no brake, clutch or safety cutoff. Once its running and in gear it just keep on moving. You have to either shut the throttle off or try and fight it back into neutral. I have visions of it running off and eating its way through the trees! I'll post video at some point. It should be good for a laugh. Have Fun Rock
  5. Apologies again for a late one. Its been difficult to get free time to write this week. I've got a lot on. OK so this week's update is late and a bit all over the place. Earlier in the week I managed to kill my backup-backup headset. I managed to stretch the cable so much it broke. Something I confess I seem to do rather a lot. So I spent most of Wednesday night with a soldering iron and the remains of 5 headsets trying to make one good one. I think I've succeeded. I've managed to squeeze some nice speakers, a USB power line and pretty decent mic into one of my old flying headsets. I don't think it looks too bad. Although I am going to replace the mic cable with something a bit more robust and replace the knackered old Trackclip Pro with a custom piece that discreetly fits in the headband. Soldiering on... So onwards and upwards. Quite a lot has been going on in RKSL, IAP and the community since the release of the ArmA3 alpha. Predictably the new game has jumped into the forefront of everyone's mind. With literally hundreds of new user made missions appearing and everyone rushing to port their content forward. Messiah and Da12thmonkey are both chomping at the bit to learn as much as they can about the new engine. Thanks to efforts of some of the BIS staff official 'guides' are appearing on the Biki which is going to make getting stuff moved over a lot easier. I think Da12th has got a good handle on the character anims. Messiah is determined to get the Foxhound working in ArmA3. But sadly for me I'm still experiencing the predicted Steam and internet connection dramas. No matter what i do I cannot get the damn thing to run offline and even when i do have internet connection i seem to be timing out. Anyone know a friendly BT engineer? So as you can imagine I'm not quite as excited about ArmA3 as most. I have had a few hours in it. I've driven, flown, swum and walked around for a while. The new features, Render-to-texture, physX etc are enough to get me quite excited about the possibilities for future addons. But its not really taken my focus away from ArmA2 just yet. Its not a plastic bath toy...anymore! I've made some progress detailing the Ambassador III ship. The external was just a bit too clean. Someone mentioned they thought it looked like a "plastic bath toy". So I've begun to add some more details to make it seem more 'real'. The new render to texture tech has peeked my interest too. It means that we can now do a lot more interesting things with consoles and displays. Each weapon operator on the Ambassador III can now have their own working display, which is going to be rather cool. Anyway that's the late WIP update... on this F$#@ It Friday. Have fun. Rock
  6. Ok so have you ever heard one of your friends tell a story about their day that just had a series of almost unbelievable events as an excuse for being late? Get comfortable and listen up. So yesterday I got roped in to helping pick up a 12ft x 6ft (3.65m x 1.85m) Slate bed snooker table by my Step-Father. My Mum and he, have a house in western France and its their dream to retire there. And part of his dream at least includes this snooker table (Its a big house). So he bought it on Ebay from a Conservative Club in a town about 30miles from where he lives. The snag is we had to pick it up within a 3 hour window on Wednesday and we had to load it ourselves. Thankfully it was already disassembled. Well the table is made up of five, two hundred kilogram slabs of Welsh Slate and another one hundred and fifty kilos of Oak. And hes 64 and I have a bad back. Cue comedy image... nah it actually went quite well upto this point. Well it did start snowing before we left at 0930 and by the time we arrived at the club there was about an inch of ice and snow on the ground. Oh and did i mention the entrance to the club is on a big fecking hill? No, well it was. I had to get out and clear the snow off and spread some grit before we could park up. So we loaded up, the lads in the club helped and we set off in my step-father's crapped out 15year old Ford Transit that spends at least 300 days of the year pretending to be a large rusty blue garden shed. Its snowing really hard now, thick, huge flakes and a biting wind that chills you right to the bone and the heater is blasting away. We come down out of the Pennines and get onto the motorway. All going smooth so far... ...then it cuts out. The engine, radio, heater, lights everything just dies in the middle lane climbing up a long hill. We went from 70mph to ~30mph in just a few seconds. My step-father managed to get it over to the hard shoulder and we sat and looked at each other. So I ask him, "Who's your break down service with?" "I don't know." he replies. Good start this. I should point out that my step-father and I do not get on very well. We've never hit it off as they say. "You do have cover though" I say. "Yes", he says, "But its with my old bank". Oh shit I think. So long story short I take a guess an ring Green Flag and they send a local firm to come get us. Hurray, I think. So we spent 45 minutes sat by the side of the road rapidly freezing in the cab of a knackered old van that's got more holes in it than chicken wire and a side door that doesn't shut properly. Held closed with a padlock with an alarm that permanently makes a sound like a Geiger counter ticking near a Russian nuclear power plant. The tow truck arrives and we get out and he hooks the van up and lifts the front wheels. At this point he realises that the rear of the van is very low to the ground. He asks the next obvious question. "What've you lads got in the back of the van?" "A snooker table" we say. "A slate one?" he asks. "Yes", we say. "No fucking way" he says and unhooks us. He was very nice about it. But hes not going to take the risk towing us with so much weight in the back. We need a bigger tow truck says he. We've got to wait another 45 minutes at least. We just spent 20mins on the side of the freezing motorway in howling wind and freezing sleet and snow. Back in the van we go. An hour later the second, large tow tuck arrives. A nice big flat bed. No problem, they load the van and we hop in and off home we go. Now as I mentioned it's snowing and as any British citizen will tell you when it snows our roads turn to ice rinks and everyone drives like a granny. It's got nothing to do with the fact no one prepares for the winter weather or knows how to drive in snow. Honest. So it takes an hour to drive the 20-25minute journey home, arriving at about 1545. Where there is 4 inches of snow. At this point I should explain we live at the foot of a long steep and famously ice prone hill. Parked cars either side of the road and off we go (we did give he a choice of an alternative drop off spot but he said he could make no probs). A few near misses. Im talking the width of a credit card kinda misses here and we get down to the bottom of the tarmac hill and unload. We say our thanks, and wave the Tow truck off. Only they aren't going anywhere, wheels spinning and ice and snow spraying up but no traction. They're stuck. So off I go again and get a shovel and a bag of salt grit. Thirty minutes later I've cleared and gritted about 20m of the road and they manage to get enough speed up to get moving... ... with a final wave I start to walk home. BANG, Tinkle, tinkle... I keep walking...quickly and don't look back. Wasnt me, I didnt see nuffink guv, not a blind f'ing. On the way past our van I check to see it locked. The rear door was open and would not lock (central locking only on this model) and with the battery flat I'm screwed. Off I toddle for some tools to liberate the battery so that I can charge it up. Only the socket wrench is too big to fit in the space available under the seat. Joy, 30 mins with a pair of pliers and a flashlight and I managed to get the restraining strap off and lift out the battery. Its time for a brew while the battery charges. An hour later and I'm back out in the freezing snow and sleet shower with the battery. All connected up and the door lock securely. Just out of morbid curiosity I try to start it and it catches. Meaning we can move it the final 50m to our house. And that my friends is why I didn't post this update last night. I was absolutely freezing cold, tired and I honestly could not be arsed. So this week's update: Surprise! Its a J-10A. This has been my stress relief for the last month or so. As I've said in earlier post the proxy doubling bug has been driving me nuts recently so I started this because I was so pissed off I just wanted something nice and simple to do that did not involved chasing down bugs. Which is about 99% of all the outstanding live projects. So yes I know its yet another "new" project and why haven't you finished the Tornado etc instead but guess what kids. its my free time and I'll spend it how I like so naaaaaahh! Besides Its not really wasted is it. So far this has been a joy to work on. i've even enjoyed making the texture for it. Which is a first for me. So its a Chinese fighter, which is also a first for RKSL but I rather like it and I've always wanted to make one. Aaaaaand i wanted one for IAP. The justification for the IAP thing is pretty simple. As it stands most of the African nations have older soviet era types that will probably be defunct by the IAP timeline of 2020+. Given the timeline its not impossible that China might have some spare J-10As to donate to the poorer ASA nations and FC-20s to sell to the richer ones. Few of the existing aircraft operated by the ASA nations are comparable to more modern Western types and with the Chinese connection in the story line an ex-PLAAF J-10A and the more modern export FC-20 aka J-10B seemed like a logical choice to balance Typhoons, F-35s and F-16s. The Chinese PR machine would have you believe its a match for the Typhoon and other Generation 4.5+ aircraft. Personally I doubt it given the stated thrust rating and mass etc but I reckon its comparable with the earlier F-16C and Mirage 2000 era types. Still not a bad plane. You can read all the specs and history for yourselves on the Wikipedia page But its got a capable suite of Air-to-Air weapons together with an equally capable if a bit limited range of Air-to-ground guided weapons. It should fit in well with the AI's ability to fly. (No hard to use weapons) Given how well it's progressing and in-light of several recent fixes for the Typhoon I may well release this for ArmA2 as well as ArmA3. I've really only got some of external details and the cockpit to do and it should be ready to go not too long after the updated Typhoon and Helicopters are released. As with the latest Typhoon we'll be providing plugin and texture templates for those that want to create your own skins. Oh yeah and my step father ordered the Chinese. The Yung-chow fried rice is actually quite good with the BBQ spare ribs. Have fun Rock
  7. Confused? Well this week its all about equipping the Ambassador III class missile boats. According to the published specs for the ship it has AGM-84 Harpoons. Well with this being for an ASA (OPFOR) ship I wanted to give it an alternative and more flexible capability. Which, in this case is the the GRAU 3M24 "Uran" (translates as Uranus according to Wikipedia) or Х-35У or AS-20 'Kayak'. Under NATO parlance its know the SS-N-25 'Switchblade'. How many names can this thing have? It is also nicknamed Harpoonski for its similarity to the AGM-84 Boeing Harpoon which lets face it is a bit easier to handle. Either way its a cruise missile with both anti-ship and land attack capability. Which makes it ideal for the Missile boats. As with the earlier WIP entry about the SeaRAM [1] [2] this is another component system for use on our ships and other kit ultimately for IAP. The plan is to use the BIS Artillery module to control the use of these missile batteries which will give some much needed support for the ASA forces. And before anyone cries "But this is a cruise missile not artillery." Yes we know but right now its a very good way of getting the capability ingame without a long development. Which I'm sure you will all appreciate. Anyway thats all for this week. Its been a close run thing getting this out before midnight. I was still making the launcher at 23:30 Have fun Rock
  8. Ilha Marrom

    Version 0.0.1


    This is the "Large WIP" I promised a few days ago. Its part of a larger project that has been kicking around the RKSL team and our friends for a long time. (Possibly the worst kept secret in community history since its been leaked so many times.) Its something that has evolved (read as oozed, crawled and eventually walked) over an extened period of time from the primordial ooze that is my office. (Anyone up for a bit of cleaning?)It is: * 40.9km x 40.9km Island for ArmA2: Combined Operations * an ALPHA release and in no way represents anything even closely near finished. * being released because so many people have asked for it even in its current state. * completely fictional and completely hand made. No DEMs or other geo data were used in its creation. * incredibly sparse. * 20m cell size to help MP performance. * It has a basic but extensive road network * 7x working air strips. * 2 of which are large air bases. * Large port and docks * 2km long runways for large jet operations. * Only one ground texture. * Lots and lots of issues and require a lot more work. * some white place holders * Several Large reservoirs Ilha Marrom is intended to be the centre stage for a larger community project called Ilhas Africanos. Once I get settled in the new year I'll post more about that. For right now, this is just a taster. Oh and a tip... try flying the canyons in the Typhoon at speed.Installation:As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems.For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.Included .pbo files:rksl-ilhamarrom.pborksl-ia-structures.pboNotes:- This addon is WORK IN PROGRESS. As such don't expect too much.- There are several issues with the addon. Mostly Cosmetic in nature. You'll have to live with it in the short term.Credits:Project Coordinators: RKSL RockModeling: RKSL RockTextures: RKSL RockCpp File: RKSL RockScripting: n/aBeta Testers: DAR-V,AAC Team,SPAFF,Vinz,OFP Revival,Lisque.Documentation: RKSL RockProducer: RKSL Studios
  9. Ok so I've an epically crap day today and I'm tired, grouchy and lots of other things... so I thought we'd play a little game. Correctly guess what this is off and I'll show you some more pics.... dont guess and I wont. NOTE: All RKSL, IAP, PRACS members and Sekra are banned from playing! jonasdc9 Jonasdc9 and BritishFalcon both got it right. It is indeed a Gazelle. Destined for IAP on the OPFOR (ASA) side I though what the hell I'll make a British version too(And since Redders is being so generous I'm probably going to have to make a Royal Marines skin). I may even make a French version eventually. Its not hard to convert.... Rock