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Found 4 results

  1. From the album Foxhound in ArmA2

    © RKSL Studios

  2. RKSL ArmA2 Extension

    Version 2.0.2


    RKSL Studios RKSL-Arma2.pbo =========================== Version: 2.02 Developer: RKSL Studios (http://www.rkslstudios.info/) Publisher: RKSL Studios (http://www.rkslstudios.info/) OFP Ed Center Code: RKSL Description: RKSL-Arma2.pbo which adds Flares and other RKSL Features to the default BIS addons README CONTENTS =============== 1. VERSION HISTORY 2. CREDITS 3. COPYRIGHT STATEMENT 4. TERMS OF USE 5. LEGAL DISCLAIMER 6. DISTRIBUTING GAME CONTENT CREATED WITH THE ADDON 7. SUPPORT INFORMATION 8. REQUIRED ADDONS 9. INSTALLATION 10. ADDED UNITS 11. ADDON DESCRIPTION 12. NOTES 1. VERSION HISTORY ================== Version: Date: Notes: 2.02 24/12/09 Updated Version for Patch 1.05 BETA 2.01 25/09/09 Beta BETA 2.00 16/08/09 Beta 2. CREDITS ========== Project Coordinators: UNN Modeling: UNN Textures: n/a Cpp File: UNN Scripting: UNN Beta Testers: Styxx,bushLurker Documentation: UNN Producer: RKSL Studios 3. COPYRIGHT STATEMENT ====================== The RKSL-Arma2.pbo addon is (c) 2008/09 RKSL Studios. All rights reserved. 4. TERMS OF USE =============== The RKSL-Arma2.pbo addons (hereafter 'Software') contain units to be used in the PC DVD-ROM game "Armed Assault 2" (hereafter 'ArmA2'). To use the Software you must agree to the following conditions of use: 1. RKSL Studios (hereafter 'RKSL') grants to you a personal, nonexclusive license to use the Software for the purpose of designing, developing, testing, and distributing non-commercial game content for ArmA2. 2. Modification of the Software, in part or in whole, without written permission from RKSL is expressly prohibited. 3. The commercial exploitation of any game content created using the Software is expressly prohibited. 4. Reverse-engineering, or other conversion of the Software is expressly prohibited. 5. The Software may only be re-distributed in its entirety, complete with this "ReadMe" document. 5. LEGAL DISCLAIMER =================== The RKSL-Arma2.pbo addons are distributed without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The RKSL-Arma2.pbo addons are not an official Addon or tool. Use of the RKSL-Arma2.pbo addons (in whole or in part) is entirely at your own risk. 6. DISTRIBUTING GAME CONTENT CREATED WITH THE ADDON =================================================== Please note that you do NOT require permission from RKSL to distribute game content (e.g. missions) created with the RKSL-Arma2.pbo addons, although RKSL does ask that you credit the addon(s) in any release documentation. 7. SUPPORT INFORMATION ====================== RKSL Studios may provide limited support via the RKSL website (www.rkslstudios.info) when convenient for the RKSL Team. But RKSL regrets that it cannot provide any dedicated support to the end user. Please do not request support or advice directly via email, IRC or instant message. 8. REQUIRED ADDONS ================== - RKSL-SYSTEM.PBO (V2.02) - RKSL-RADARSYS.PBO (V2.02) 9. INSTALLATION =============== n/a 10. ADDED/SPECIAL UNITS =============== n/a 11. ADDON DESCRIPTION ===================== Core system scripts 12. NOTES ========= Fixes 2.02 - Fixed "Invalid Crew error" in ArmA2 Patch 1.05. - Added support for the AH64D. Fixes 2.01 - Fixed "Deleted content error". - Support for the Extended Event Handler if installed. RKSL Studios (c) 2009 (http://www.rkslstudios.info/)
  3. Version 2.601


    If you already have the v2.600 Typhoon package you only need to download this and overwrite the existing files. If you don't have the addons already just download the v2.601 ALL-IN-ONE Package. This is the UPDATED Plugins package for the v2.601Typhoon it includes: RKSL-Typhoon-RAF.pbo - Royal Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-DE.pbo - German Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-AT.pbo - Austrian Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-IT.pbo - Italian Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-SA.pbo - Royal Saudi Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-ES.pbo - Spanish Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-RED.pbo - Fictional REDFOR Please note: At least one plugin is required for the plane to appear in the editor! Features This is a maintenance update for the v2.600 Typhoon. An older set of Plugins (2.5) was accidentally uploaded with the 2.600 Typhoon. This package includes all the latest builds of all the official plugins. Changelog v2.601 - Update package with corrected plugins/addons
  4. Version 2.0.4


    This addon is required by all RKSL aircraft. It provides a new Chaff and Flare simulation for RKSL aircraft in the ArmA2CO environment. It differs from the BIS flare system in several different ways: Each flare object is lockable and as such can be used to provide better coverage over an area. The system does not deflect missiles at silly angles only breaks the lock and forces it onto the nearest flare object. You still need to manoeuvre to avoid being hit or damaged. We feel this is a more accurate simulation of real countermeasures. AI react to the flares being launched where as with the BIS system there is no reaction. Installation: Extract the contents of the RAR file into your C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA folder. Then either use a mod folder launcher or modify your start up link include the @RKSL Mod folder eg: "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\beta\arma.exe" -mod=@RKSL -nosplash For more information about how to use and maintain mod folders check our FAQ. Included files: rksl-radarsys.pbo rksl-system.pbo Features Adding the RKSL FLare system to custom addons: This version of the Flare System works differently than any of the previous versions. We have moved all the configuration variables into the addons config. //Configure the RKSL Flares memoryPointCM[] = {"flare_start1","flare_start2","flare_start3","flare_start4","flare_start5","flare_start6"}; memoryPointCMDir[] = {"flare_end1","flare_end2","flare_end3","flare_end4","flare_end5","flare_end6"}; rkslflarecount = 120; It now uses the same memory point commands as the stock BI flares and a flare count variable. The system then needs to be initialised via a script run from the init eventhandler. Below is the Typhoon's init file: ////////////////////////// // This Script By UNN V1.0 ////////////////////////// private ["_vehicle","_callXEH"]; _vehicle=_this select 0; //////////////////////////////// // Start the RKSL system scripts //////////////////////////////// _callXEH = false; //Initialize the all the required RKSL System scripts //See if the Extended Init Event Handler is installed //If it is then we will exit and let it call this script //See if rksl-radarsys.pbo is installed if (isClass (configFile >> "CfgPatches" >> "RKSL_RadarSys")) then { _callXEH = call compile preProcessFile ((Localize "STR_RKSL_RADARSYSSCRIPTPATH")+"RKSLConfigInit.sqf"); }; /////////////////////////////// // End the RKSL system scripts /////////////////////////////// //See if we can continue or run through the XEH if !_callXEH then { ////////////////////////////////////////////// // Call the rest of the init scripts from here ////////////////////////////////////////////// [_vehicle] execVM '\rksl\rksl-typhoon\s\rksl_init_debris.sqf'; [_vehicle] ExecVM "\rksl\rksl-typhoon\s\typhoonwarnings.sqf"; [_vehicle] ExecVM "\rksl\rksl-typhoon\s\aircraftvapour.sqf"; [_vehicle] ExecVM "\rksl\rksl-typhoon\s\afterburner.sqf"; //////////////////////////////////////// // End the rest of the init scripts here //////////////////////////////////////// }; If you have any problems please use the RKSL Support Forums and we'll try to help you. Mapping a manual Flare Launch key: In game goto: Option Controls In the dialog drop down menu select 'Custom Controls' Scroll down and click 'Use Action 20' Map the key or joystick button you want to use. Click Save. Credits & Thanks: Project Coordinators: UNN,Rock Modeling: UNN Textures: n/a Cpp File: UNN,Rock Scripting: UNN Beta Testers: UNN,Rock & VXR Documentation: UNN Producer: RKSL Studios Changelog Change log: 2.04 - Final ArmA2 Version BETA 2.03 - First ArmA2 Version. Beta 1.01- Improved performance and the ability to disable via Description.ext Beta 1.0A- Language Fix Beta 1.0- First Release Notes Notes: Please report all bugs via the forums: