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Found 9 results

  1. From the album Foxhound in ArmA2

    © RKSL Studios

  2. RKSL ArmA2 Extension

    Version 2.0.2


    RKSL Studios RKSL-Arma2.pbo =========================== Version: 2.02 Developer: RKSL Studios (http://www.rkslstudios.info/) Publisher: RKSL Studios (http://www.rkslstudios.info/) OFP Ed Center Code: RKSL Description: RKSL-Arma2.pbo which adds Flares and other RKSL Features to the default BIS addons README CONTENTS =============== 1. VERSION HISTORY 2. CREDITS 3. COPYRIGHT STATEMENT 4. TERMS OF USE 5. LEGAL DISCLAIMER 6. DISTRIBUTING GAME CONTENT CREATED WITH THE ADDON 7. SUPPORT INFORMATION 8. REQUIRED ADDONS 9. INSTALLATION 10. ADDED UNITS 11. ADDON DESCRIPTION 12. NOTES 1. VERSION HISTORY ================== Version: Date: Notes: 2.02 24/12/09 Updated Version for Patch 1.05 BETA 2.01 25/09/09 Beta BETA 2.00 16/08/09 Beta 2. CREDITS ========== Project Coordinators: UNN Modeling: UNN Textures: n/a Cpp File: UNN Scripting: UNN Beta Testers: Styxx,bushLurker Documentation: UNN Producer: RKSL Studios 3. COPYRIGHT STATEMENT ====================== The RKSL-Arma2.pbo addon is (c) 2008/09 RKSL Studios. All rights reserved. 4. TERMS OF USE =============== The RKSL-Arma2.pbo addons (hereafter 'Software') contain units to be used in the PC DVD-ROM game "Armed Assault 2" (hereafter 'ArmA2'). To use the Software you must agree to the following conditions of use: 1. RKSL Studios (hereafter 'RKSL') grants to you a personal, nonexclusive license to use the Software for the purpose of designing, developing, testing, and distributing non-commercial game content for ArmA2. 2. Modification of the Software, in part or in whole, without written permission from RKSL is expressly prohibited. 3. The commercial exploitation of any game content created using the Software is expressly prohibited. 4. Reverse-engineering, or other conversion of the Software is expressly prohibited. 5. The Software may only be re-distributed in its entirety, complete with this "ReadMe" document. 5. LEGAL DISCLAIMER =================== The RKSL-Arma2.pbo addons are distributed without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The RKSL-Arma2.pbo addons are not an official Addon or tool. Use of the RKSL-Arma2.pbo addons (in whole or in part) is entirely at your own risk. 6. DISTRIBUTING GAME CONTENT CREATED WITH THE ADDON =================================================== Please note that you do NOT require permission from RKSL to distribute game content (e.g. missions) created with the RKSL-Arma2.pbo addons, although RKSL does ask that you credit the addon(s) in any release documentation. 7. SUPPORT INFORMATION ====================== RKSL Studios may provide limited support via the RKSL website (www.rkslstudios.info) when convenient for the RKSL Team. But RKSL regrets that it cannot provide any dedicated support to the end user. Please do not request support or advice directly via email, IRC or instant message. 8. REQUIRED ADDONS ================== - RKSL-SYSTEM.PBO (V2.02) - RKSL-RADARSYS.PBO (V2.02) 9. INSTALLATION =============== n/a 10. ADDED/SPECIAL UNITS =============== n/a 11. ADDON DESCRIPTION ===================== Core system scripts 12. NOTES ========= Fixes 2.02 - Fixed "Invalid Crew error" in ArmA2 Patch 1.05. - Added support for the AH64D. Fixes 2.01 - Fixed "Deleted content error". - Support for the Extended Event Handler if installed. RKSL Studios (c) 2009 (http://www.rkslstudios.info/)
  3. Lynx AH7 pack

    Version 2.0.0


    British Army Lynx AH Helicopter Pack.This is a slightly updated port of the ArmA1 helicopters we released earlier. While they do not look much different there are quite a few changes beneath the surface.Having said that we will be reviewing a number of our projects in light of ArmA2 engine changes. This may mean that the older models may be replaced with new models better optimised for the ArmA2 game engine and patches.Installation:As we always recommend use modfolders.Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.Included .pbo files:rksl-lynx-se.pborksl-lynx-ah.pboKnown issues:There are several issues with the addon. Mostly Cosmetic in nature:- All Textures are WIP and will change!- Several of the cockpit instruments are blank- Cocpit SMDI is too shiny- GPMG has no RVMATs- GPMG Texture is poorly optimised.Please report all bugs via the bugtracker:Thanks & Credits:Project Coordinators: RKSL RockModeling: RKSL RockTextures: RKSL Rock & VXRCpp File: RKSL Rock & UNNScripting: UNNBeta Testers: DAR-V, AAC Team,USMC-Kyle,Vinz,Andy M,Andy P.Documentation: RKSL RockProducer: RKSL Studios REQUIRES: RKSL Flares and Core System for ArmA2: CO
  4. Version 0.5 BETA


    Foreword: The Force Protection Ocelot is a British armoured vehicle that has replaced the United Kingdom's Snatch Land Rover with British forces. It was given the service name Foxhound, in line with the names given to other wheeled armored vehicles in current British use, such as Mastiff and Ridgeback. The goal in replacing the Snatch Land Rover was to improve protection of personnel against improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Which really wasnt hard since the Snatch was never intended to withstand those kinds of attacks. I think Messiah has definitely outdone himself with this one. Considering this is his first addon since returning to addon making after 4 year break he's set the bar really high now and its going to be hard to keep up with him... but we're going to try! Features Not really sure there are any features, per say, just adds a couple of Foxhounds - Messiah June 22nd 2013 Changelog Version Date Notes 0.5BETA 29-06-13 First Public BETA
  5. Version 2.601


    This is the UPDATED All-In-One package for the v2.601 Typhoon it includes: RKSL-Typhoon.pbo - Core and signatures (Required) RKSL-Airweapons.pbo - Supporting weapons pack (Required) RKSL-Radarsys.pbo - RKSL Flare System (Required) RKSL-System.pbo - RKSL Common System Library (Required) RKSL-Typhoon-raf.pbo - Royal Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-DE.pbo - German Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-AT.pbo - Austrian Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-IT.pbo - Italian Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-SA.pbo - Royal Saudi Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-ES.pbo - Spanish Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-red.pbo - Fictional REDFOR Please note: At least one plugin is required for the plane to appear in the editor! Features Flight model Improvements Better AI performance Improved handling for both keyboard and Joystick users Improved scripts - Number of MP issues fixed Improved Flare system integration Restructured PBO for 3rd Party Plugin support. International Plugin and Weapons load outs Austria UK Germany Italy Spain Saudi Arabia Oman (New) RedFOR - Fictional force for PVP and Training. Larger selection of pre-set loudouts. Improved HUD with Parallax layer Improved Cockpit Displays Improved wreck and debris. And a lot more. Changelog Version Date Notes 2.601 Public 03-07-13 UPDATED to with latest Plugins. 2.600 Public 25-05-13 Final Public version for ArmA2:CO RC2.5E 23-09-12 Roll up version for testing RC2.1E 17-05-12 Play Test version - REDFOR integration BETA2.05I 02-03-12 Change from animated to classmfd displays BETA1.9I 03-09-11 2nd genration of Flight Model changes BETA1.7I 04-05-11 Scripted Test bed BETA1.65I 15-01-11 Plugins integration changes BETA1.16I 15-01-11 Internal Beta for MP Testing BETA1.15I 04-12-10 Improved HUD using class MFD BETA1.01I 20-08-10 Private build Improved Flight model/AI control Slight texture changes Improved Weapons BETA1.0 10-07-10 First public release includes: Full ArmA2: Combined Operations compatibility Thermal Maps 20 Preset Weapons loads BETA0.9 25-06-10 ArmA2 1.07 Test Version Held due to Arrowhead's imminent release BETA0.85E 01-06-10 DAR-V Edition Testing BETA0.8I 01-05-10 Reworked Cockpit UV mapping BETA0.7I 21-04-10 2nd generation Improved HUD BETA0.6E 02-02-10 Play Testing version BETA0.5I 01-11-09 1st generation Improved HUD BETA0.4I 14-10-09 Weapons pack integration All versions prior to BETA0.4 were for ArmA1 and VBS2. Notes Producer RKSL Studios (rkslstudios.info) Project Manager RKSL Rock Modelling & Animation RKSL Rock Textures External Texture by Snorri of the BW Mod The rest by RKSL Rock Plugins and Squadrons by Da12thmonkey Sounds Rob aka RexeUK CPP File RKSL Rock Scripting RKSL Rock and UNN Beta Testing DAR-V Dev Team Tankbuster (PC Format) Ballistic09 Sekra Ian Tam Mark P "Jock" Poll Smudge Big Dave Little Dave (because he moans when I forget him) Documentation RKSL Rock Special Thanks to: UNN as always for his fantastic scripting and help even at inconvenient times. Snorri of the BW Mod for his fantastic external texture Myke for letting us adapt his throttle sensing afterburner scripts. DAR-V lads for Beta Testing so effectively. Tankbuster for suggesting the wheel brakes. Ballistic09 and Sekra for patiently testing with me the last few weeks. Slippey for the constant badgering and inspirational "chats". Graham @ EuroFighter Gmbh for pointing me in the right direction. Barry @ BAE Systems for advice and all the latest info. Chris Markham for giving me access to over 15,000 HQ aircraft pics. Andy Dutton for letting me abuse his contacts. Markus G (Luftwaffe) for his support. Otto Vashh for the flight model characteristics charts Louise and Simon (RAF) for her efforts to get me the right information every time I asked.
  6. Version 2.601


    If you already have the v2.600 Typhoon package you only need to download this and overwrite the existing files. If you don't have the addons already just download the v2.601 ALL-IN-ONE Package. This is the UPDATED Plugins package for the v2.601Typhoon it includes: RKSL-Typhoon-RAF.pbo - Royal Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-DE.pbo - German Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-AT.pbo - Austrian Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-IT.pbo - Italian Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-SA.pbo - Royal Saudi Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-ES.pbo - Spanish Air Force Plugin (Optional) RKSL-Typhoon-RED.pbo - Fictional REDFOR Please note: At least one plugin is required for the plane to appear in the editor! Features This is a maintenance update for the v2.600 Typhoon. An older set of Plugins (2.5) was accidentally uploaded with the 2.600 Typhoon. This package includes all the latest builds of all the official plugins. Changelog v2.601 - Update package with corrected plugins/addons
  7. Version 2.0.10


    This addon is a representation of the Royal Air Force’s Merlin HC3 Medium Lift Helicopter. It may not be the most accurate or the most beautiful but its ours and we are rather proud of it. First of all, this is STILL a BETA. Earlier this year I took the decision not to update of develop this version of the Merlin futher for ArmA2. The updated RKSL Flare System meant that everything else had to be reworked and re-released. So its best just to think of this as yet another Work in progress. It is definatly is not finished We hope you enjoy it. Features BETA Features Auto/Manual Landing gear toggle Cockpit Audio Warnings - aka Bitchin' Betty (can be switched off) Fully Instrumented cockpit and warnings Integrated Self Destruct script. to make vehicle respawning easier in Domination etc Laser Designator in the Optical Turret. Changelog 1.000B - - 7/7/13 - Final BETA for ArmA2. 0.800B - - 30/11/10 - Test bed 0.723E - - 25/05/10 - 2nd Public Beta - Full lods and fixes 0.719E - - 22/05/10 - First Public Beta 0.705B - - 18/05/10 - PC Format Special Edition 0.700E - - DAR-V Flight Testbed 0.691E - - UNSOG Testbed 0.600I - - 1st Generation 4 model 0.500I - - Gen 3 Hybrid Model 0.460I - - Gen 2 ArmA1/VBS2 Build 0.300E - - Gen1 ArmA1 VCB Build 0.291I - - Gen1 Flight Model Development Testbad 0.100I - - OFP Model Test. Notes ArmA3 will see yet another incarnation of the Models. This time armed and rather dangerous. but You'll just have to wait for that
  8. Version 2.0.10


    This addon is a representation of the Royal Air Force’s Puma HC1 Medium Lift Helicopter. ArmA3 will see another incarnation of the models. There will be new models and new versions using the base model both for the UK Faction and IAP mod. As with the Merlin, this is STILL a BETA. The updated RKSL Flare System meant that everything else had to be reworked and re-released. So its best just to think of this as yet another Work in progress. It is definitely is not finished yet. You'll have to wait for ArmA3's versions for that. We hope you enjoy it. Features RKSL Dynamic Rotor System (DRS) - Fully animated pitching rotor blade movement. Armed and Unarmed versions Changelog 2.010RC - 10-07-13 - ArmA2 Final Release 2.000RC - 24-12-09 - ArmA 2 Public Release 1.901IB - 28-09-09 - ArmA 2 Internal Flight Model Testing 1.896IB - 28-09-09 - ArmA 2 Internal Flight Model Testing 1.500EB - 11-06-09 - ArmA 2 External Private Beta Testing version 1.402EB - 21-04-09 - ArmA 2 External Private version 1.300IB - 05-03-09 - Internal Beta Testing version 1.210IB - 11-02-09 - Internal Testing version 1.000EB - 25-12-08 - First Release Notes There are a few known issues. Please check the Bug Tracker on the RKSL site before posting. All Textures are WIP. Several of the cockpit instruments are blank Cockpit textures are really crap Cockpit SMDI is too shiny GPMG has no RVMATs GPMG Texture is poorly optimised. AI pilots get a bit excited and fly erratically at low speed. This has been reduced in this version but it is still possible. REQUIRES: RKSL Flares and Core System v2.04 or higher.
  9. Version 2.0.4


    This addon is required by all RKSL aircraft. It provides a new Chaff and Flare simulation for RKSL aircraft in the ArmA2CO environment. It differs from the BIS flare system in several different ways: Each flare object is lockable and as such can be used to provide better coverage over an area. The system does not deflect missiles at silly angles only breaks the lock and forces it onto the nearest flare object. You still need to manoeuvre to avoid being hit or damaged. We feel this is a more accurate simulation of real countermeasures. AI react to the flares being launched where as with the BIS system there is no reaction. Installation: Extract the contents of the RAR file into your C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA folder. Then either use a mod folder launcher or modify your start up link include the @RKSL Mod folder eg: "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\beta\arma.exe" [email protected] -nosplash For more information about how to use and maintain mod folders check our FAQ. Included files: rksl-radarsys.pbo rksl-system.pbo Features Adding the RKSL FLare system to custom addons: This version of the Flare System works differently than any of the previous versions. We have moved all the configuration variables into the addons config. //Configure the RKSL Flares memoryPointCM[] = {"flare_start1","flare_start2","flare_start3","flare_start4","flare_start5","flare_start6"}; memoryPointCMDir[] = {"flare_end1","flare_end2","flare_end3","flare_end4","flare_end5","flare_end6"}; rkslflarecount = 120; It now uses the same memory point commands as the stock BI flares and a flare count variable. The system then needs to be initialised via a script run from the init eventhandler. Below is the Typhoon's init file: ////////////////////////// // This Script By UNN V1.0 ////////////////////////// private ["_vehicle","_callXEH"]; _vehicle=_this select 0; //////////////////////////////// // Start the RKSL system scripts //////////////////////////////// _callXEH = false; //Initialize the all the required RKSL System scripts //See if the Extended Init Event Handler is installed //If it is then we will exit and let it call this script //See if rksl-radarsys.pbo is installed if (isClass (configFile >> "CfgPatches" >> "RKSL_RadarSys")) then { _callXEH = call compile preProcessFile ((Localize "STR_RKSL_RADARSYSSCRIPTPATH")+"RKSLConfigInit.sqf"); }; /////////////////////////////// // End the RKSL system scripts /////////////////////////////// //See if we can continue or run through the XEH if !_callXEH then { ////////////////////////////////////////////// // Call the rest of the init scripts from here ////////////////////////////////////////////// [_vehicle] execVM '\rksl\rksl-typhoon\s\rksl_init_debris.sqf'; [_vehicle] ExecVM "\rksl\rksl-typhoon\s\typhoonwarnings.sqf"; [_vehicle] ExecVM "\rksl\rksl-typhoon\s\aircraftvapour.sqf"; [_vehicle] ExecVM "\rksl\rksl-typhoon\s\afterburner.sqf"; //////////////////////////////////////// // End the rest of the init scripts here //////////////////////////////////////// }; If you have any problems please use the RKSL Support Forums and we'll try to help you. Mapping a manual Flare Launch key: In game goto: Option Controls In the dialog drop down menu select 'Custom Controls' Scroll down and click 'Use Action 20' Map the key or joystick button you want to use. Click Save. Credits & Thanks: Project Coordinators: UNN,Rock Modeling: UNN Textures: n/a Cpp File: UNN,Rock Scripting: UNN Beta Testers: UNN,Rock & VXR Documentation: UNN Producer: RKSL Studios Changelog Change log: 2.04 - Final ArmA2 Version BETA 2.03 - First ArmA2 Version. Beta 1.01- Improved performance and the ability to disable via Description.ext Beta 1.0A- Language Fix Beta 1.0- First Release Notes Notes: Please report all bugs via the forums: