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Found 11 results

  1. NEW Joint Project F-16C

    In my continued insanity I've done it again. After the claims against Myke's version of Footmunch's F-16 and as a favour to another friend I've made an F-16. Don't worry, its not impacting on the Tornado. It was planned like this, to be made in parallel etc. So when I get p'd off with one i can switch to another for a while. It also lets me work with some other contributors. Anyway... how this will work: I'm going to give the base model (minus the cockpit) to Myke so he can continue his "F-16 Evolution Project". And to develop as he wishes without any other claims on the IP. RKSL will continue develop the model as well. WLD427 of PRACS will also be getting the source to some specific versions so he can update PRACS.
  2. Here we got another Zombie project that just will not die...
  3. As I said before I've been busy even though ive spent most of the last week in hospital getting poked and prodded. I've had the time to make some new stuff and resurrect and complete some old projects: This is what we call a "long term project". It development time will be significant and it is dependent on other scripted systems. So dont expect this to appear immediately.
  4. Chengdu J-20. I've made some assumptions based on what little is known about it. So the bays are inspired by the F-22, which seems logical given other similarities and rumours of FB-22 espionage etc. I'm still not 100% about its actual role in the PLAF ie Fighter, Interceptor etc. But having actually built it now and scaled from the estimates in the press and various weapons etc I'm leaning towards the Air Superiority/Stealthy Long Range AWACs killer role touted by some. I don't think its a "Stealthy F111" type, the internal bays really aren't big enough in my opinion. You can see that from the last pic with the AMRAAMs and AIM9s. But I could be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time.
  5. Ilha Marrom

    Version 0.0.1


    This is the "Large WIP" I promised a few days ago. Its part of a larger project that has been kicking around the RKSL team and our friends for a long time. (Possibly the worst kept secret in community history since its been leaked so many times.) Its something that has evolved (read as oozed, crawled and eventually walked) over an extened period of time from the primordial ooze that is my office. (Anyone up for a bit of cleaning?)It is: * 40.9km x 40.9km Island for ArmA2: Combined Operations * an ALPHA release and in no way represents anything even closely near finished. * being released because so many people have asked for it even in its current state. * completely fictional and completely hand made. No DEMs or other geo data were used in its creation. * incredibly sparse. * 20m cell size to help MP performance. * It has a basic but extensive road network * 7x working air strips. * 2 of which are large air bases. * Large port and docks * 2km long runways for large jet operations. * Only one ground texture. * Lots and lots of issues and require a lot more work. * some white place holders * Several Large reservoirs Ilha Marrom is intended to be the centre stage for a larger community project called Ilhas Africanos. Once I get settled in the new year I'll post more about that. For right now, this is just a taster. Oh and a tip... try flying the canyons in the Typhoon at speed.Installation:As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems.For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.Included .pbo files:rksl-ilhamarrom.pborksl-ia-structures.pboNotes:- This addon is WORK IN PROGRESS. As such don't expect too much.- There are several issues with the addon. Mostly Cosmetic in nature. You'll have to live with it in the short term.Credits:Project Coordinators: RKSL RockModeling: RKSL RockTextures: RKSL RockCpp File: RKSL RockScripting: n/aBeta Testers: DAR-V,AAC Team,SPAFF,Vinz,OFP Revival,Lisque.Documentation: RKSL RockProducer: RKSL Studios
  6. From the album Typhoon in ArmA2

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