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Bug Comments posted by Rock

  1. Set your view distance to NO MORE THAN 4000m.

    This map uses very high resolution heightmap. Its the same as Altis.  Your machine is trying to draw everything at once.  The map is on 4x4km. Dropping your view distance down means the game engine will only draw what it needs to and not more. Your FPS will increase again.

  2. The behaviour im seeing is pretty much the same as it was in A1. 

    Its caused by multiple roadways stacked ontop of each other.  This was a problem with the original Albion class LPD I made for A1.  Unloading into any object the game engine tries to put it either on-top of a roadway or outside of a vehicle bounding box to prevent clashing and destroying both objects. I suspect that he will have no luck fixing it. 

    It probably means that we all have to find another way to work with LPDs.  It basically renders ViV useless.