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  1. Ah! ok.  There was a proposal put forward for a Palletised Tomahawk battery a while back.  Bit like the Exocet Coastal defence batteries.  I did wonder.

    Its a shame that the ArmA game engine does not support towing else i would have made a trailer for it already.  There are some towing solutions out there but they are scripted and lag like nobody's business at any sort of speed.

  2. Thanks Srap.  I'm pretty close to pushing out the initial BETA.  I'd be interested in what you think of the performance and handling.  A couple of mates have given me a tonne of reference pics.  

    Once the Phase 1 pack is out I may expand the scope of the phase 2 pack if there is a demand and i can make something practical.  

    HAM Phase 1

    • HX60-Troop,
    • HX60-Flatback/viv, 
    • HX58-Flatback,
    • HX58-UST,
    • HX58-Magic Ammo Carrier,
    • HX77-Magic Repair
    • HX77-Static EPLS ViV

    Phase 2

    • HX77- Hopefully fully working EPLS - Physx system
    • HX77- CAMM/Landceptor
    • HX77- Giraffe 3D
    • SX45- Wrecker

    Is the MMT version you mention the proposed Multi Mission Tomahawk package?  I didn't think it was past the drawing board stage.