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  1. Queen Elizabeth Class - A new hull

    Looking awesome.
  2. A Long over due update: AW159 Wildcat

    Looking mighty fine.
  3. Wildcat Progress

    Looking awesome
  4. RKSL Puma HC1 for A3

  5. Flying Lawnmower actually Flies

    Looking awesome.
  6. All along the Watchtowe…keeper.

    Very crisp renders... thank you. If you need help with textures...
  7. Yet another quick update, Woe is me!

    You're doing great work.
  8. I know how you feel, I'm in the same boat with Clyde and Hermes... have loads of photos but not the ones I need.... All I can say is keep at it, it's looking awesome.
  9. IP Theft and its impact on YOU!

    Happens in all games that allow mods. In DCS there was a kid that ripped models from other flight sims and after being told to stop on multiple times he was banned..
  10. I'll send you a PM with the link of my stuff....
  11. IF you want plans for a couple of RN subs give me a shout... Looking awesome.
  12. Looking great. I wan't upset... IF you are still looking for any texture people let me know... Was thinking of making this for DCS sometime ago. But opted for Hermes instead.