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  2. Wildcat HMA Mk2

    is there any way to use the camera in the pilot seat?
  3. A3 DocsAW159 Wildcat HowTo & FAQ

    is there any way to use the camera in the pilot seat?
  4. Lynx AH7

    Has porting over the RKSL Ah7 and AH9 into Arma 3 ever been considered or attempted? They're still very beautiful helicopters with so many roles in mission making, referring to past conflicts
  5. Hi, Due to various technical issues and some specific financial issues this website will be replaced within the next 7 days. The license cost of this software is untenable and over time some things have ceased to work properly and thanks to the Invision software being out of date (I am refusing to pay $250 for support licences) I've decided to port the data and move to a more sustainable platform. As a result I'm going to be removing the Forums feature. Its not well used and Discord has seemingly replaced that function. So the new site will focus on the Blog, Downloads and Documentation. As well as a new Mantis Bug Tracker for feedback. Thanks Rock Jan 2021
  6. A3 Terrain?

    I do the occasional one for very specific reasons. I do have plans for several terrains as well as my existing projects so IO'm not really in the market to take on anymore. Sorry.
  7. A3 Terrain?

    You can reach me at levelzeroheroes@gmail.com This is my website for more info about me > https://www.levelzeroheroes.com/
  8. A3 Terrain?

    Does your team develop/create Arma 3 terrain? I am looking to do a terrain map project and was wondering if RKSL would be interested in hearing my pitch.
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