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  • D Mcnab
    • Version: v3.09 Closed Suggestion Severity: Low - Just annoying

    Hello Rock. 

    Just wanted to point out that the AFM needs a little tweaking, what i mean buy this is the Puma tends to keep rolling to the right during flight and too me it feels as if its like the vanilla little bird whilst flying. if the flight characteristics could mirror the Vanilla Mohawk as it seems to be the model closest to the size of the puma it would make this more enjoyable and little bit more realistic than the current version. 

    Keep up the great work and look forward to your next teasing release. 

    User Feedback

    Its intentional. Which sounds a bit odd, but it was the suggestion of an actual Puma Pilot with over 2000hrs on the type.  The intent was to recreate the Puma's behaviour due to the high side profile and the main rotor inertia.  This is part of the brief and feedback I was given during testing:

    "The Puma has a massive surface area and even the slightest crosswind linked with the inertia of the Rotors will tend to move the airframe without any control inputs.   Its a little quirk to learn and adapt to.  You need to add the bad bits in so its not too perfect otherwise [the flight model] will become bland and uninteresting."

    "...The Puma is immense fun to fly.  Its a lot like driving a big old Jaguar.  Happy just chugging around the sky until you want to floor it.  Then its smooth and fun to push at low level but it does take time and practice to do it well."

    "Don't make it [feel] too heavy, The Puma is actually very agile for its size and flies like a much smaller helicopter."

    "Your representation is never going to be accurate, looking at the variables you have to develop the flight model in this game a truly accurate recreation of the Puma's flight model isn't ever going to be possible..."

    "...without understanding [BIS'] method for calculating the drag and rotor characteristics you are back to making informed guesses..."

    "This version [Pre Release model] is much better, its not exactly accurate.  But it is tremendous fun to fly even if it took an hour of faff to set my controls up properly."

    - John ex 230 Squadron 2000+ hours on type.


    As for feeling like the Littlebird vs Mohawk.  This is a little bit odd because the XML used is an adaption of the Mohawk's XML.  It uses the same blade characteristics as the Mohawk with some ghost hawk mixed in.

    V3.092, the next public release has some AFM tweaks that have changed the way it feels by damping down the controls a tiny bit.  But it is meant to be a pretty powerful and fast aircraft anyway.  There is a reason they are used by lots of air forces around the world and it is the preferred platform for Special Forces delivery into combat for many European countries. 

    Hopefully that explains the quirk.  It isnt something I plan on removing though.  If anything I'm trying to add some more in.  And remember:


    A Word About Realism

    We strive to make all our addons as realistic as the game engine and our own capabilities allow. 

    This means that real world speeds and capabilities are simulated where possible.  Compromises have and will be made where necessary but we will not downscale or completely cripple an aircraft, system or weapon to fit into the limited spaces some ArmA maps provide.

    We genuinely believe that the manual operation of aircraft is a skill that should be interesting and fun.  Not every aircraft flies the same nor do they have the same capabilities. If you can't learn and adapt to change then stick with the vanilla equipment.

    The Puma has been designed from the ground up to use the Advanced Flight Model.  A lot of effort has gone into developing it, give it a try.  Its pretty forgiving and damage tolerant.  Take the time to learn it and you won't be disappointed.


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