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    AW159 Wildcat HowTo & FAQ

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    • Version: 3.065


    1. How do I open the side doors?
    2. How do I fold the main rotors & Open Doors in EDEN/Zeus?
    3. How do I add the towbar EDEN/Zeus?
    4. How do I use the Emergency Floats?
    5. How do I change the Change the Service Logo or use my own?
    6. How do I change the skins?


    (A1) How do I open the side doors:

    You can do it one of Two ways....

    1. Get in the aircraft and use the action menu to open the left or right doors..
    2. In 3DEN right-click on the helicopter to bring up the attributes panel and tick the box
    3. AI also can be commanded to open the doors if they are inside. 
    • Using the Function keys select your driver.
    • Press 6 to bring up the Actions control options.
    • If the UserAction conditions are met the option to open and close the doors


    (A2 & 3) Opening/Closing animated parts on the Wildcat:

    Apart from the usual action menu options you can edit the attributes in 3DEN the 3D Editor.

    1. Place the helicopter on the map.
    2. Right-click on it to bring up the context menu.
    3. At the bottom of the menu is "Attributes", left-click it.
    4. Expand the "Object Specific" part of the panel.
    5. All the configurable options are there:
    • Skin
    • Fold Rotor Blades
    • Open Cargo/Side Doors
    • Open Pilots Doors
    • Attach the Towbar (You can also show and hide the towbar with a user action by standing next to the nose with the engine off*)

    PLEASE NOTE: The Rotors and the Tow bar will both reset to default when you turn the engine on.


    (A4) How do I use the Emergency Floats?:

    The floats become available when you take damage.  You will see a new option appear in the action menu "EMERGENCY FLOATS".  Select and press RETURN.  You will hear a bang and see large orange floats appear in front of you.


    Diving into the water at high speed you will just die, just like any other crash.  You will have to control your descent, either auto rotate or scrub off as much speed as you can before touching down.  You can still roll it over and explode.  So try to be as gentle as possible.

    You should realise that the floats system behaves differently depending on which flight model you are using:

    1. Basic Flight Model - This is the most forgiving obviously.  The game engine will allow you to land on the water and take off again.  But be aware the moment you touch the water you will take damage and you will begin leaking fuel.  After about 30mins the helicopter will sink. 
    2. Advanced Flight Model - Thanks to the mechanics of the AFM and ArmA's odd approach to physics this behaves very differently to the Basic Flight mode.  Landing on water will see you sink and bob back up.  Your aircraft will explode but you won't die.  (Little bit of scripting magic).  This will give you time to get out but you won't be able to re-enter the helicopter and recover it.

    Resetting the Floats

    If you can get your helicopter back to base after a water landing the floats can be reset by repairing and refueling the helo back up to 100%.


    1. The Floats were originally intended to allow you to ditch and save your aircraft allowing you to recover it via sling loading and return it to base for repair. During testing it became apparent that some people are devious asshats and were finding ways to exploit this.  So In retaliation I added a little quirk.  The aircraft will eventually roll over and sink if your rescuers aren't quick enough.
    2. This is more realistic as the float system in the real world is only intended to give you enough time to get out of the aircraft and deploy life rafts.


    (A5) Changing the Service Logo or Using my Own

    Apart from the Squad XML logos no other hidden selections are supported in the current Public Version


    (A6) How do I change the skins?

    Hidden selections are NOT supported in the current Public Version.  They may be supported in later versions.



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