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    RKSL Studios Typhoon FGR4 v2.600

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    • Version: 2.601

    RKSL Studios Typhoon FGR4 v2.600 Documentation Foreword by RKSL-Rock

    Foreword: OK, so here we are late as usual...

    So its been 3 years since the first BETA went live. I cant begin to count how many hours have gone into this project. Or remember all the people that have helped to get this addon to the point its at now.

    I really want to say thank you to everyone that contributed over the last three years. Testers, players and everyone that took the time to give us decent practical feedback. You've really made a difference. So thank you all

    In the previous release documentation I mentioned that I have been following the EuroFighter project since I was 15. I even worked on the Project some years ago. Earlier this year I got the opportunity to actually poke around two of the aircraft I actually worked on. I spent the entire day grinning like a fool as I got to see parts that i helped design bolted to the final aircraft. Its a very cool feeling.

    Likewise seeing any of our addons in-game and especially when we realised how many times this addon has been downloaded on ArmAholic alone. Its a big thrill. Really it is.

    I havent managed to get everything I wanted to in this release. Some things are just have to wait for ArmA3. So this is likely to be the final major Typhoon update for ArmA2CO. Possibly some hot-fixes and new plugins will escape but the V3 model is planned to be exclusively ArmA3.

    I hope you enjoy the addon.

    July 2010.


    RKSL Studios addons are distributed without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. 
    The RKSL Studios addons are not an official Addon or tool. 
    The use of these addons (in whole or in part) is entirely at your own risk. 
    Please note that you do NOT require permission from RKSL to distribute  game content (e.g. missions) created with these addons, although we do ask that you credit the addon(s) in any release documentation. 
    All RKSL Studios addons are (c) 2010, 2013, 2017 RKSL Studios. All rights reserved 


    EULA - End User Licence Agreement


    The RKSL EuroFighter Typhoon and all supporting  addons (hereafter 'Software') are protected under international copyright law. To use the Software you must agree to the following conditions of use: 
    1. RKSL Studios  (hereafter 'RKSL') grants to you a personal, nonexclusive license to use the Software for the purpose of designing, developing, testing, and distributing non-commercial game content for ArmA2. 
    2. Modification of the Software, in part or in whole, without written permission from RKSL is expressly prohibited. 
    3. The commercial exploitation of any game content created using the Software is expressly prohibited. 
    4. Reverse-engineering, or other conversion of the Software is expressly prohibited. 
    5. The Software may only be re-distributed in its entirety, complete with this "ReadMe" document. 
    6. RKSL makes no claim to any trade marks or branding other than its own. 
    7. This addon is (c) 2010 RKSL Studios. All rights reserved. 
     A full copy of the RKSL End User License agreement is here 



    The base class name is:


    The RAF Plugin Class names are:


    The Austrian Plugin Class names are:


    The German Plugin Class names are:


    The Spanish Plugin Class names are:


    The Italian Plugin Class names are:


    The Omani Plugin Class names are:


    The Saudi Plugin Class names are:




    It includes some features and capabilities that current serving aircraft have not been given yet.  We've taken the liberty of trying to represent a fully capable aircraft that can support the widest possible range of weapons and roles.  For the RAF's FGR4 at least this level of capability should only be 2-3 years away according to media sources. 


    Required Addons 
    This aircraft addon requires three supporting addons, all from RKSL Studios: 
     1. RKSL Air Weapons Pack1  A custom weapons pack for the aircraft 
     2. RKSL Flares System (aka RKSL-Radarsys)  This adds custom countermeasures to the aircraft. 
     3. RKSL Core System (aka RKSL-System)  This is a small common file to allow sharing of scripted functions and systems 
    While we try our best to make everything as realistic as possible we aren't perfect.  There will be errors and mistakes. 
    Please use the RKSL Bug tracker to report any issues or request features. 

    Game Compatibility

    This addon has been tested in

    • ArmA2 1.07
    • ArmA2: Combined Operations 1.53. 

     Both single and multiplayer environments. 
    ArmA2 1.07  OK 
    ArmA2 : Combined Operations  OK 
    ArmA2 : Operation Arrowhead (stand alone)  NO 
    Due to a dependency issue Standalone arrowhead users will experience an error placing a Typhoon in the editor.  We apologise for this but right now its the only way we can maintain ArmA2 1.07 compatibility until the majority of the community switches over to the new platform. 
    NOTE: You can get around this error by placing an empty aircraft and a pilot unit in the editor.  A separate config patch may be release later to fix this issue if there is enough demand.


    Typhoon FGR4 Feature List 

    • Custom Afterburner (3 activation options)
      • Auto - Hit full throttle and the afterburner activates. Close the throttle and it shuts off.
      • Throttle + Action Menu - Full throttle and an action menu option appears.  Close the throttle and it shuts off.
      • Manual - Menu Only.  This is the classic On/Off option.
    • 20 Preset Weapons load outs
    • Fully working and Practical HUD
      • Custom layout i.e. not BIS standards
      • Accurate Pitch ladders
      • Barometric and Radar Altimeters
    • Fully animated landing gear including dampers
    • Fully animated airbrake
    • Animated In Flight Refuelling Probe
    • Accurately modelled control Surfaces
    • Improved Flight model (over BIS stock aircraft)
      • AI Friendly handling
      • Excellent Short Field capability
    • Scripted Vapour Effects
    • Integrated Chaff and Flares (RKSL Flare system)
    • Wheel brakes
    • Brake Chute
    • Fully functioning "Bitchin' Betty"
    • ArmA2:Combined Arms compatible
      • RWR enabled
      • Thermal Image maps
      • Locking tones
    • Custom Weapons Pack
      • Supports all current UK weapons
      • Some EU weapons more added later 

    Planned Future Features 

    • Cockpit Damage and System Warnings
    • Dynamic Damage (Still in concept planning)
    • Integrated Litening III Targeting Pod (Still in concept planning)
    • Air To Air Refuelling (Still in concept planning) 


    Edited by Rock
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