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All things ArmA community that isnt RKSL Related.

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Ok now this is bugging the hell out of me.

As a content creator I am protective over my own creations.  I spent thousands of hours making addons for free.  The least I should get is credit and respect yeah?  I feel strongly about the rights of other creators too.  Whether they are individuals, groups or corporations.  You make the effort, put in the hours you should get the rewards?  Whatever they are.  Sounds fair doesn't it?

Have a read of this:  

All things arma.PNG

All Things ArmA III was one of my favourite Facebook ArmA groups.  I say was because reading Mr Jason Mulligan’s (the Page Admin) post just pissed me off.  He perfectly identifies himself as the typical selfish user.  He’s perfectly happy to take content no matter where is comes from.  F@%$ the hidden cost to the end user.  He’s an admin on one of the bigger ArmA Fan pages on facebook and look at his attitude.


So what is the hidden cost?

Content creators see this attitude and say “Why the hell am I bothering to release content when I get treated like this?"  (Its certainly how I feel.  I’m actually sorry I came back to the ArmA Community.)

So what happens when genuine creators feel unappreciated, used and abused?  

  • They go underground and stop releasing Public content.
  • The only people left in the community are the end users and the thieves.
  • The knowledge base that was held by the older and wider community starts to vanish.
  • The people with all the knowledge don't bother posting and helping anymore.
  • The community standard goes down hill rapidly.
  • This leaves only the people willing to steal content.

See where this is going?  If you are truly a fan of the ArmA series and the ArmA Community, you shouldn't tolerate theives.  You should support the decent addons creators.  They are the ones that make the mods you play with all the time.

Without them, your experience is really going to change.

Think about it.



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