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Formerly Known as "WIP Wednesdays".  Now its probably best to think of this as "When we get chance Wednesday".

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...and all through the house all were snoring even the mouse.

Its Wednesday and we're all drunk. Or trying to recover from being drunk. So no updates today :o So not much progress going on. (apart from messiah he's just an over-achiever :lol: ) Personally I'm working my way through a 10 pack of Stella Artois and the Jack Daniels is looking very attractive right now and intend on spending the next 12-14 hours sleeping having worked most of the last 5 days solid on top of the usual Christmas drama.


I'm sorry to say that we in the RKSL house have failed in our tradition of Christmas releases this year. The unexpected floods in the UK have meant some serious time working away at very short notice for me. Not to mention being "trapped" for 4 days in a caravan in the Welsh hills while the roads were cleared and the power restored. Things got shoved further and further back. I promise we'll get the planned releases out as soon as physically possible.

Anyhoo :

All the RKSL Team would like to hope you all had a fantastic Christmas day wherever you are. And we hope you will have a a fantastic and safe New Year.

All the very best you you and yours.

UNN, Messiah, Da12thMonkey, CBFASI, BennehBoy and Rock.



... when all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.


Well, its not quite the night before Christmas, but in a roundabout way, and especially as my work holiday began today, I'll happily pretend we're getting ever closer to the 24th/25th (Depending on what part of the world you are) and use this as my festive greeting and contribution this year.









Whilst no presents from me, I hope a quick update on the foxhound textures will suffice. The last update on the wheels textures went down rather well, and so today here are a selection of quick shots of the bonnet, front and front wings. There's a long way to go, and progress is slow as I'm being rather pernickety about details, and it goes without mentioning that these are early textures and that there's a whole host of grunge, dirt, dust, scratches and paint chips to add before we're even half way calling this diffuse complete (that and about 70% of the vehicle remaining to be textured)


Thankfully, given the tedious and dreary nature of Christmas at my family, and the Christmas break of 2-3 weeks, I've got a bunch of time to try and catch up a bit and make some real progress (although no promises, it all depends how boozy a Christmas it ends up being)


I guess that's about it from me for 2012. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and Santa brings you something particularly delightful. See you in 2013 and another year of RKSL.




A few weeks ago we showed you the renders of the newly completed SeaRAM Launcher and I promised at the time we'd explaining more in time. Well I'm working away again so time is pretty tight. Not much is getting done to fix my main PC and last week while i was away...we was robbed guv...

Some shit broke in our caravan the last morning we were on site and stole pretty much everything. Including the seat cushions, my wellington boots, laundry, my phone charger and Richard's (Dont call him Dick) laptop and both of our cameras. They even took the toilet roll and the solitary unopened tin of beans. The Police were utterly useless but to be fair this is nothing compared to the cleanup job around St Asaph and area. I wasn't joking when I said one of the lads cars was last seen floating down the road.

I feel almost guilty that hes going to open my rucksack and find a weeks worth of wet soggy underwear and socks that can quite easily climb walls on their own. Maybe the little fuck will catch something nasty from them. :lol:

Some thoughts can keep you warm at night... or at least smiling. So back to this week, I thought I'd show you one of the craft they would be equipping.


Its another IAP creation. At least that is its intended target (pardon the pun) but you might see it sooner in one of our partner's mod packs. Or an earlier release as a standalone since it appears to be progressing far faster than planned thanks to my ongoing PC issues.

Ambassador MK III Missile Boat
The Ambassador MK III Missile Boat is originally an American-designed patrol boat. It was chosen by the Egyptian Navy (An ASA Nation) first as a patrol boat for their Coast Guard Fleet, which already have several units and later as a platform for a large modern missile boat with a small radar signature. The new boats would contain an update in design meant to make the vessels more resistant to radar detection. Its design was conducted with the assistance of Lockheed Martin.

  • Displacement: 500 t
  • Length: 60.6 m (198 ft 10 in)
  • Beam: 10 m (32 ft 10 in)
  • Draft: 2 m (6 ft 7 in)
  • Propulsion: 3 × MTU diesels, 30,000 hp (22 MW)
  • 3 shafts
  • Speed: 41 knots (76 km/h)[7]
  • Range: 2,000 nmi (3,700 km) at 15 kn (28 km/h)
  • Endurance: 8 days at sea
  • Complement: 36 (8 officers, 10 chief petty officers, and 18 ratings)


Its slightly over 60m long which makes it - just about - into the absolute maximum ArmA2 geometry envelope. This means it can be a single model and wont need any funky scripting to get it working ingame.


The real world version has a scary weapons load considering its size. Anti Shipping Missiles, 76mm Gun and a comprehensive air defence capability including the previously mentioned SeaRAM as well as Phalanx CIWS. I don't really see why we shouldn't have the same in game.

  • Armament:
  • 8 × RGM-84 Boeing Harpoon SSM Block 1G in 2 quad canister launchers
  • 1 × United Defense Mk 75 76 mm/62 Super Rapid DP gun
  • 1 × Raytheon RAM system consisting of the Mk.49 Guided Missile Launching System (GMLS) and a Mk.44 MOD 2 Block 1 guided missile round pack (supporting 21 canister-mounted missiles)
  • 1 × Raytheon Mk 15 Mod 21 Phalanx (Block 1B) 20 mm Phalanx CIWS
  • 2 × deck-mounted 7.62 mm M60 machine guns


I chose this particular ship for several reasons:

  1. It just looked cool :P
  2. With ArmA3's focus on underwater/naval warfare I thought we needed more OPFOR ships to play with.
  3. Its very simple to make, Stealthy design mean lower external details which saves on time consuming detailing. The entire hull and super structure only took 3 hours to make. It took longer to unwrap it.
  4. It fits in with the IAP 2020s timeline. And is reasonably future proof.
  5. The Air Defence capabilities - at least in game terms - make it a nice escort for larger ships and is comparable with the role of other Air Defence ships eg Type45* etc
  6. The ASA forces needed some ships to be able to balance other potential National Mods that maybe produced.

* I realise the Type 45 is a destroyer and not a missile boat but with ArmA2's game engine limitations the ships would likely behave very similarly under AI control.


Obviously its still not complete. The Phalanx and Mk-141 missile (Harpoon) launcher are still in work but should be complete fairly soon. The sharp eyed may notice that the main gun is not a United Defense Mk 75. I swapped it for a gun that I already had modeled for another project because I thought it looked a lot nicer than the MK75 I made. And the mount is supposed to be a "universal" fitting so who knows what might end up on there.

But it may revert to the Mk75 if there is a driving need.


So that's it, I have new wellies. Fur lined ones too! Woohoo, I'll be back on the Welsh hills when this goes live so think of me freezing my arse off in a dodgy static caravan while you are tucked up nice and warm at home. Have fun.




...and the lads step up and save the day again!

This week is bits and pieces. There has been a lot of progress behind our closed - virtual - doors this week. Messiah is developing his ongoing love of dirty rubber. Da12thMonkey is redecorating, UNN is still sat in his cupboard doing mysterious things with UAVs and the game engine. And me, well I'm pissed wet through and FECKING FREEZING!!!!!!!


Oh and I'm going grey trying to work out what is causing the proxy doubling bug on the Typhoons...

Right now I am stuck in Deepest, Darkest North Wales on an engineering gig that, quite frankly blows. There is a long and soggy story to this but its not worth getting into now but I will say I want to go home. NOW!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! :oops:

I don't think we're going to be able to get out anytime soon one of the lad's cars was last seen a week ago, floating down the road. And I've already used by 4Gb data allowance on my new 3G dongle in 5 days. It was supposed to last a month. Anyhoo, back to the plot.



Typhoon Update #3047

Since I've been a bit busy with work I havent had much time to do much more than tinker and try and fix a few bugs. Ever since Patch 1.62 some user made addons have been plagued by an odd bug that only seems to affects one or two addons.

Specifically some of FRL Mykes planes and of course our Typhoon. Now I would absolutely love to be able to blame BIS for this (Sorry guys) but I can't, well maybe just a little bit :P

So if you haven't already seen it this is the effect:


Its just a visual thing. The ammo count isn't affected but release one weapon and two disappear from the pylon. But only one drops or is fired.

The pic above is the test load out and you cant see any doubling of proxies at all.

And the conventional loadout works OK too...

As I said, it doesn't seem to affect the Tornado for some bizarre reason and I believe some of Myke's other planes aren't affected either. So it has to be something we did. But I'm buggered if I know what it is. Answers on a postcard, carrier pigeon or PM or anything... would be greatly received.

Da12th's Re-decorating.

Many moons ago I said we'd release some national plugins with the version 2.X Typhoon. Well we've done them (Mike aka Da12thmonkey has virtually done them all, I helped a little bit) and hes added another Italian squadron to the set.


Messiah's Dirty Rubber(s)

When someone starts talking about "rubber" and "dirt". Well I don't know what to say really, my mind just goes odd places. Of course we are talking about wheels and tyres. We at RKSL Studios are not publicly inclined towards discussions of a deviant nature...all the time.

Look at the wheel nuts on that! WOOOHOOO!


So you can guess whose making all the wheel textures from now on!

OK so I haven't made much progress. :( I'm bald already and I am rapidly getting greyer by the second. But at least the rest of the guys are making progress. ;)




It's off to work we go :D

So its fair to say that its been a while since I've kept you up-to-date with the Foxhound, and this has mainly been down to landing myself a new job as a competition architect and being worked to the bone for the last three months or so (that and very few us can produce work at the same absurd rate as Rock ;) ). However, now that I've managed to juggle my commitments and schedules, its about time I got on with finishing the Foxhound off.




It's off to work we go :D

So its fair to say that its been a while since I've kept you up-to-date with the Foxhound, and this has mainly been down to landing myself a new job as a competition architect and being worked to the bone for the last three months or so (that and very few us can produce work at the same absurd rate as Rock ;) ). However, now that I've managed to juggle my commitments and schedules, its about time I got on with finishing the Foxhound off.


I've spent the last week or so finishing off the last few details on the vehicle; rear step, indicators, other little odds and sods, and have been slowly unwrapping the exterior model. Its been a bit of a struggle, moslty due to being rather rusty once more with O2, and having to contend with my Black Ops 2 and Hitman addiction luring me away from finishing off the fiddly bits.


Whilst I've tried to be fairly rigid and effecient with my UV map, there's a lot left to be desired, and there are certain objects that have been spread across the entire panel all in the name of using every last scrap of space, rather than increase the texel size. This will probably result in many frustrating hours trying to find parts of the model, but regardless, she's done, and now its time to start texturing her, and that's something I'm really looking forward to. We have a few new techniques we want to try out to really give a sense of depth and texture on certain areas of the vehicle, but we'll save that for another week and another update :)


As ever (and annoyingly) all unwrapping was done (frustratingly slowly) in O2 :roll:

(and appologies for the shitty images, but I really can't seem to make bulldozer show anything nice these days)




It's been another week of computer woes. But not so bad actually. I replaced my boot drive with another 1TB Samsung I had in the cupboard and my main PC's stability improved. But it is still crashing so it's another "little bits and pieces update".

This week it's SPEARs. Not the long, sharp pointy things - although that would be interesting to see how we could get that working... might have to check out that Roman mod I saw last week but no its something a bit more modern. Selective Precision Effects At Range, SPEAR for short. It's the name for a weapons development program for the RAF.








There are 3 capability phases:

  1. Initial Development Object
  2. Brimstone 2 - The Demonstration and Manufacture (D&M) contract will increase the missile's performance "significantly", and convert the warhead and rocket motor to use insensitive munitions (A more stable explosive and rocket motor to reduce risks in handling and carriage). Brimstone 2 will have an improved seeker, a more modular design and improvements to airframe and software for "an overall increase in performance with improvements in range and engagement footprint". It is expected to enter service in late 2013
  3. Capability 3 (formerly SPEAR Drop 2). This requires a 75 miles (121 km) range missile with a 100 kilograms (220 lb) warhead to be integrated onto the F-35 Lightning II. Spear 3 may use some modules from Brimstone, and will have flight trials by 2014.


It's a 100kg class weapon powered by a turbojet engine. The exact details are still pretty vague but this is likely to be the UK F-35's main tactical air-to-ground weapon for some years to come. Potentially replacing the role of Brimstone and the already retired Maverick (The Harrier GR9 was the only UK aircraft cleared for its use) and will probably see service on the Typhoon and Tornado as well as a number of UCAV's emerging in over the next few years.

Designed for attacking high threat targets from a safe distance the SPEARs are being billed as the next big thing in weapons for 4th and 5th Generation aircraft alike.


The current requirement has the SPEAR 3 missile carried in packs of 4. Each pack designed to fit inside the internal bays of the F-35B much like the BRU-61 rack and GBU-53 Small Diameter Bomb II arrangement for the F-15 and F-22. But CGI renders/pics have also emerged of the Typhoon carrying 16 SPEAR3s and fuel tanks.


Just to give you an idea of scale the image below shows the Tornado GR4 lower weapon pylon. Each SPEAR is less than 2m long and 0.18m diameter plus the wing pack obviously. Much smaller than the Maverick it would arguably replace.


Mounted 'upside down' the weapon is dropped like a conventional bomb. Internal gyros and control surfaces then spin the weapon 180 degrees as the wings and tail planes deploy. Unlike the GBU-53 SDB, the spear actually has its own jet engine which can propel it at high-subsonic speeds for up to 75km before striking the targets. The SPEAR3 is either GPS or INS guided and can be used to attack fixed and moving targets. With the coordinates updated via the parent aircraft or by an observer UAV or AWACS aircraft enroute.

If the claimed performance actually turns out to be true it's rather cool and a little scary when you think about it properly.


So that's it for this week. Another short and sweet one but hopefully next week should see a return to the planned schedule.

Have fun

PS On the issue of scale:


The Stormshadow is a bit like a sledgehammer. Meant for killing large buildings and hard strategic targets.

  • Weight 1,230 kilograms
  • Length 5.1 metres
  • Diameter .48 metres

SPEAR3 is more of a scalpel. I surgical strike weapon for taking out individual vehicles and objects like radars etc. Its more in the Maverick class of weapon.

  • Weight ~100 kilograms
  • Length ~2 metres
  • Diameter .18 metres




So my technical woes continue. Random lockups, CTDs, BSOD, audio and video glitches noises and general witchcraft and vodoo are common now so some of the larger projects are being dramatically slowed since I cant get to my Storage array. Apologies to those wanting Part 3 of the Tut or the incredibly long over due and much promised Tornado update but they are all on my main workstation which is currently un-servicable.

Recently, WLD427 and I have been discussing common areas of interest for ArmA3. WLD427 has some areas of PRACS he would like to modernise for both ArmA2 and eventually ArmA3 and I have some things I would like to use for IAP and ArmA3. So I've dragged out my old laptop and I've been adding to the IAP library and my own Portfolio of models. Right now Eddie is doing the research and I'm cherry picking from his wishlist. This has led to some interesting possibilities, mostly Naval this week though.

I've come across a few ships and watercraft that I would like to include in IAP and WLD427 would like to co-opt for PRACS. Quite a few of them seem to share common weapon systems and equipment so while I cant access my projects drive I've been gainfully employed making common parts.

Mk49 GMLS and RIM-116
The plan is to build up a library of these common component to fit to future RKSL, IAP and Partner projects. This week's out put is a Mk 49 Guided Missile Launching System (GMLS) for the RIM-116 missile system.




Phalanx CIWS and SeaGnat are next.

Its currently used by Egypt which is an ASA (OPFOR) nation within the IAP-verse so will see use in a number of their ships etc. I've also given the model show above to WLD427 for use in PRACS so it might be worth keeping an eye on the PRACS website too. ;)

Thats all I have this week. I'm going swap out my motherboard tomorrow with a borrowed one to see if I can resolve the problem so hopefully next we'll be back on plan.




I'm not ashamed to say that when the last Harrier flew out of Cottesmore after the MoD axed them I cried a little...*sniff*

So this week is late and it's not according to "the plan". It seems I have a random Audio/Video/Hard disk fault that is causing my system to lock and occasionally CTD. Really frustrating; so I have to rebuild the PC over the weekend. I've been trying the last few days to complete the Tonka and KC390 Tutorial but I can't run the PC for more than an hour without a lockup or crash. This makes doing any serious work a bit impractical.

Obviously I'm struggling to get either the Tornado or the Tutorials finished this week, as a small consolation prize. Now for something completely different:






Harrier GR9A - Fallen Hero

I'm not ashamed to say that when the last Harrier flew out of Cottesmore after the MoD axed them I cried a little...*sniff*. For an aircraft with such a history to be so abruptly killed off was a crime. It really was. The forced retirement of the Harrier left a large capability gap in the UK Armed Forces, one that the government assured us did not exist nor was anything to be concerned about. I know several RAF and RN aircrew that thought otherwise.


If anybody remembers reading an early post about Harriers then you may remember that as a little boy the Harrier GR3 was the first plane I ever saw up close. Its stuck with me ever since. And much like the Tornado its a bit of a love/hate project. The Harrier is an iconic aircraft, you can judge that from many different viewpoints but its iconic to me for some very personal reasons.

  • As I said above, the GR3 was the first aircraft I saw up close and personal
  • A GR7 was nearly the cause of 'little Rocks' as it flew over the Vale of Pickering in the early 90's at 50ft. The "rhythm method" is not recommended.
  • The GR7A was one of my first military aircraft projects when I went to work for BAe. I was working for a small sub-contractor initially making small replacement parts for various aircraft. During my first visit to BAe Warton in a professional capacity i was greeted by two Harriers taxing out of the hangers. I stood and watched the planes roll down to the runway and then lift until they were out of sight. I thought I might look a bit daft stood there with a big grin on my face unitl i looked round and saw about 20 other people grinning like idiots too.

There are other stories I could tell but I'll just say that much like the Typhoon the Harrier was and is still a milestone in my life. I want to do it justice, if ony in a 3D model form. But at the same time I cant wait to get rid of it... its hard work to keep going on something like this. But it is a lot of fun to fly ingame. Too much fun to be honest. I seem to spend more time testing than working...as usual these days.


The Harrier has been on the RKSL project list since OFP days and the model has been remade countless times. This is the 23rd version according to my notes. A fact that I am as much surprised by as I am ashamed its not finished yet.


You'll have to excuse the horrble normal map. The panel lines are obscenely thick. Trust me it wont stay like that.

The model is currently being what my office monkey fondly refers to as "Modo'd". His not particularly original way of describing my method of generating spec maps and tarting up old models and textures.


But it is already in game and flying, which is part of the problem. I just cant seem to stop playing with it... :(

And as with other RKSL aircraft, the amount of work to get the cockpit finished is rather daunting. Just like the ver2.5 Typhoon (hopefully the final build in ArmA2) the majority of the cockpit displays will be driven by the class MFD command rather than animations. We recently discovered - thanks to a a really crappy steam age gameserver - that the number of animations may have an impact on the MP game performance in ways we hadnt anticipated. Looking back its now rather obvious but at the time, not so much. :lol:


Anyway, cockpit detail will be a high priority as will functionality and reality.

So thats all for this weeks "not-on-the-plan-update" apologies for those eager for the next installment of the tutorial or Tornado update but it really has been unavoidable.




Yet another late one and still not a Tornado. I'm sorry (hangs head in shame) but the unwrapping is proving to be rather unpleasant and I've been prevaricating about getting it finished so I'm writing some tuts instead. And I'm running later than planned thanks to four bags of gravel, 2 of sharp sand and "Housemaid's knee" (It actually really hurts!). So here I am the last minute again, re-writing (again) a tut I wrote earlier int he week because my Laptop is now on its way to Southampton in the back of my former office monkey's car.

So making a Lifter in O2... well setting it up anyway. Today I'm going cover the basics of setting up to make a model in O2. These days you are probably more likely to make a model in pretty much any other tool, Max, Maya, Blender, Modo. But at some point you are probably going to end up in O2 and some basic knowledge is going to help. Let me be perfectly clear this is not going to be a complete start to finish tutorial for O2. While it is a pretty simple program it does have its dark murky secrets and I'm not sure I have the time to cover everything.

So I'm going to assume you know a bit about CAD/3D modeling but are new to O2 so If I loose you at any point feel free to post a question and I'll try to improve the tutorial. There are a few other things you'll need but I recommend a case of Beer, Stella Artois for preference and a large pack of Jaffa Cakes. Chocolate Hobknobs in a pinch if the jaffa cakes aren't available. Pizza is also acceptable but not anything with anchovies. YURRRGHHHH, evil horrible things.

Back to business, O2 is what is sometimes called a vertex modelling tool. It differs from "polygonal" modeling tools like 3D Studio Max, Maya etc in the way you create objects and faces. In O2 you create faces by placing vertices or points and "joining the dots". Where as in polygonal tools you place a a face or primitive (box, cylinder etc) and sculpt from there. For some it a small distinction but the work flow is different. If you have been formerly taught a poly driven tool then it might come as a shock.

Step 1 - Reference Images.
For the KC-390 I went surfing for pretty much any picture or document I could find. I tend to raid the news sites, Flickr, Youtube and the Manufacturer's website for any and all pictures and info i can. Mostly looking for any high-res 3 view drawing I can. Once you've found something good. You want to ensure that each view is all in the right proportions. I use Photoshop but GIMP or similar should work just as well.


Create a new 2048 x 2048 RGB image. I use 300 dpi since it mipmaps nicely but you can use whatever you want. So we need to make sure the reference image maintains scale and proportion. With most 3 views you will find that they are all the same scale. The trick is keep them that way. I've developed a simple method for doing this.

  1. Find the largest dimension, in this case the wingspan and copy and paste the reference image into the new one.
  2. Scale the image so that the wing tips are at the edges of the image and center it.
  3. Duplicate that layer, and move the image around until you get another view in the window.
  4. Change the transparency so you can see the image below it and line them up on the center line
  5. Duplicate the layer again and repeat the process for your third view.
  6. Change the transparency back to 0 and save each image indiviually as 32bit .TGA files

You should end up with 3 images:

  1. Frontview.tga
  2. Sideview.tga
  3. Planview.tga

Now we've got the reference images we need to get them into O2. Its surprisingly simple.

On your P: drive create a folder for your project. Lets call it MYPROJECT. Now I like to keep things tidy and easy to find so I'm going to create another folder called REFS inside the first folder.




Drop the reference images we created earlier into your REFS folder. So you should now have 3 images like this:

  • P:\MYPROJECT\REFS\Frontview.tga
  • P:\MYPROJECT\REFS\Sideview.tga
  • P:\MYPROJECT\REFS\Planview.tga

Step 2 - Your first breath of O2. (Too cheesy? Meh)
I'm going to assume you've installed O2 and have buldozer etc. There are plenty of tuts on the forums and Biki for that some I'll let someone else take the load. So once you open it up you'll probably see something like this:


Probably a single view, we need a 4 window view to do this next part so if you already have it, good for you. If not, goto your Window Menu and Click the "Four Views" option. And you should get this:

Little tip #1: You can change the size of these windows by dragging the "window frames".
Little tip #2: You make a window active by clicking in it. BUT be aware that you make accidentally move geometry if you use the Left (Select) Mouse button. So use either middle or Right buttons instead.

    • A quiet word from the Author.


  • Before we go any further, lets clear up some of my preferred language. Vertex = Point = Vert = "thatfeckinglittledotthatimtryingtoselect". Some people get all pedantic about the language used, I dont. I've been making 3D models and working in CAD related areas for 24/25 years now (since I was 15/16) and its always been called a "vert" for short. Don't like it? Tough titty my friends thats what we're calling it in here.

Through out these tuts I use the "pin" and "center on pin" a lot so I'm going to explain this a little bit first. It is important and you will use it a lot. Sooo, look carefully in the last screenshot. In the center you will see a darker + sign. A cross if you like. This is the pin. You can move it and make things rotate around it etc. And when it comes to placing primitives and verts It also has two modes:

  1. The plain + sign is ... well lets call it 'inactive'. You can still pan around the origin (0,0,0) in this mode but when you place a vert/point it will appear where you mouse cursor is. If you have anything in the model window and you press the C Key it will center the pin at the average point between all the vertices.
  2. "Active" - which is signified by the + overlaid by a circle. This is the most useful mode and is turned on by using Shift+C Keys (Also activated from the "EDIT Menu > USE PIN" option). With this mode active, the pin can be centered on any single vert or selection. But will also cause the camera to rotate around that selection.

So if you want to try it, you can create some verts by using your INSERT Key or by going to the "CREATE Menu > POINT".

Anyway... back to setting up references.
If you have created any point or faces, delete them or start a new model.

We're going to create a single plane at the origin 0,0,0. In O2 1unit = 1m in the real world. Well that is the convention anyway, one established from OFP times. but various people over the years have said its not quite true but lets just stick with community convention right now.

Make the FRONT window active by RIGHT CLICKING in it. You'll see a black line appear around the window. This show the active view port. Since we're going to be switching between view ports this is important to watch out for. Next goto the CREATE Menu > PLANE. A dialog box should appear. You are asked for:

  • Size X - Size along the X axis in metres.
  • Segments X - Number of pieces the face should be split into along the X axis
  • Size Y - Size along the Y axis in metres.
  • Segments Y - Number of pieces the face should be split into along the Y axis

For the KC-390 my largest dimension is 35.05m so I'm going to put that in the Size box for both X and Y axis. We only need 1 face, so leave 1 in the segments box for each axis. You should end up with something like this:


The next stage is to add and map the reference image to this face. We're going to start with the Front image.

  • ANOTHER NOTE:I use something called a Namespace for all RKSL projects, its a bit complicated if you are new to all of this so unless you are into island creation or a full mod making it probably wont be necessary. But it is considered "good practice". So you might see an extra folder in the path in some images eg: IAP\IAP-KC390\REF\filename.tga. Don't worry about this for now and just follow the instructions.


So in the FRONT viewport we want to load an image that we can 'background map' onto the face we just created. To do this:

    1. 1. Select the plane/face we just created. It will highlight as red.


    1. 2. Press "A" or (SURFACES menu > Set Background Texture)


    1. 3. In the FRONT view port, LEFT CLICK, hold it and drag a box roughly square over the plane/face we just created. Release the mouse button. You should now have a black edged box with four small black grip boxes at each corner.


  1. 4. Now RIGHT CLICK to bring up the context menu. Then CLICK "LOAD IMAGE" and find your Front Image: P:\MYPROJECT\REFS\Frontview.tga and CLICK OK


    • 5. The image will appear in the view port. (See Image 6) Dont worry if its not the right size or the right proportions. We'll fix that in a second.


  • 6. Now on the top menu and goto SURFACES > "Fit Bgr to Selection" (See Image 7) This will fix the aspect ratio and stretch it to fit our 35.05 square plane.


  • 7. Now we have an image, its the right size. But its not actually mapped onto the face. So we have to stick it on. PRESS B (or Top menu > SURFACES > BACKGROUND MAPPING). This has now applied the texture to that face.

Now we have to create 2 more faces for the Side and Top/Plan views. We could just repeat the whole process, steps 1 to 7 again for each face but that takes time. There is a quicker way ;)

    • 8. With the face still selected, copy it to the clipboard (CTRL+C or EDIT > COPY)


    • 9. Paste it straight back in. (CTRL+V or EDIT > PASTE)


    • 10. Now we have two faces ontop of each other. So we have to switch viewports now. So RIGHT CLICK in the "TOP" viewport and check its active. Look for the thick black edge around the viewport.


    • 11. The face you pasted in should still be active, so got the top menu again. Click POINTS > TRANSFORM 2D > ROTATE from the menu.


    • 12. You'll get a little dialog box appear. Type "90" into the box. This will rotate the face through 90 degrees and it will now become our SIDE view.


    • 13. Go back to the FRONT Viewport and make that active again.


    • 14. With the 2nd face still active, copy it to the clipboard (CTRL+C or EDIT > COPY).


    • 15. And again paste it straight back in. (CTRL+V or EDIT > PASTE)


    • 16. Again the face you pasted in should still be active, so got the top menu again. Click POINTS > TRANSFORM 2D > ROTATE from the menu.


  • 17. Your little dialog box appears again. Type "90" into the box. This will rotate the face through 90 degrees and it will now become our TOP/PLAN view.


You'll end up with something looking like the pic above. Three faces all mapped with the same image. Well we dont want that so we need to change the image mapped to each face.

    • 18. Make the PERSPECTIVE viewport active.


    • 19. Make sure the "SELECT OBJECT" tool is active - this will select any geometry connected to the vertex you select. Its just an easy way of grabbing bits you need.


  • 20. With the mouse select the TOP/PLAN face in the PERSPECTIVE viewport. It will turn red.


    • 21. PRESS the "E Key" (Top Menu > FACES > FACE PROPERTIES) and the Face Properties dialog box will appear.


    • 22. In the TEXTURES & MATERIALS section, at the end of the TEXTURE box is a little folder icon. Click it.


    • 23. Browse to the texture you want, the top/plan view in this case. Then when its highlighted click OK. You will return to the Face Properties dialog. Check your file path in the TEXTURE box and then Click OK.


  • 24. Repeat the same procedure for the SIDE view's face.


Eventually you will end up with 3 faces and 3 unique textures. One per face. SAVE THE FILE NOW!!!! :o

If you turn on the DX Render and the Face culling etc on for the active view port you get a view like this:


Finally...close down O2. Open it again and load your refs P3D file. You'll notice that the images are no where to be seen. DON'T PANIC! If you have followed the tut properly restoring the background images is very very easy.

Select the face you want. start with the Front Face. Goto the Menu > FACES > BACKGROUND FROM FACE


Repeat for each viewport and there you have your reference images.


Next we need to create a new LoD and start modeling...but not today. Maybe next week :mrgreen:

I'm not going to go much further today. I'm tired and its late, my leg is killing me and i ate the last jaffa cake about 2 hours ago so I'm going call it quits soon but just to round off this part of the tut let me explain why setting up the reference images this way is a good thing.

First of all. You can leave this reference object in the background of your model all the time and reload the images at will. O2 is not the most up to date tool out there. The Viewports don't automatically refresh or scale on the fly. So every once in a while its better to reload your background image to ensure you are working to the right scale and proportion.

Secondly, it means you only ever have to set up your images once. If you hadn't mapped these images to a face next time you come back into O2 you would have to set them up all over again. It saves you time but it also ensure that your references consistently stay at the same scale and proportion over the duration of development.

Two pretty good reasons to do it this way i think.

Anyway, I hope this helps some of you. As The tut proceeds/grows/evolves etc I'll get more into the nitty gritty of making models. I am going to skim over the laborious bits of making faces and creating complex shapes and bits but I hope to give you a good foot hold into O2 where you can jump off from to either more advanced packages or more advanced projects.

OK thats if for today. I'm off to cry in a corner this has taken about 6 hours to write and I ate about a week's supply of Jaffa cakes. I feel slightly sick... :oops:

Have Fun



OK so this isn't a Tornado. Maybe if you squint... nah not even then. For reasons out of my control I've not done as much on the Tonka as i hoped so I'm going to show you something a little different.

This is something for ArmA3, IAP was planned for ArmA2 originally. It was intended to be a very long term project but even the best laid plans of mince and men change (Well it just got longer). So, ArmA3 here we come...


I've been planning a project called IAP for a while now. At least 2 years and you've seen bits and pieces of the prep work for a while now. This week, much earlier than I planned to may i present something new in almost every sense of the word. The Embraer KC-390, I'm going to split this update into 3 or 4 pieces and make it a bit educational since people keep saying they like it when we explain our work flows. This week though is a bit of introduction to the concept and project.

Embraer KC-390 - The South American Lifter

When I first saw this on Flight Global last year I thought "I'd like to make that". I didn't have the time then and I probably don't have the time now either but I recently had the chance to give it a go.

This all came about thanks to a pain in the arse commercial client. I was asked to make a Proof of Concept model for a part supplier, contracts written and awaiting a signature. I was told it was delayed in legal but it was a done deal so I started on the model. A week later, its turns out that the deal was dead. So sod it, an IAP/ArmA3 project was born.

The KC390 is intended to be a replacement for the C-130 serving in Brazil and other South American nations. Embraer has a history of making some pretty good cost effective aircraft so the probability of this airframe making it into service is pretty high. And It looks kinda cool too. We havent seen too many none C-130 transport in-game so I thought it would look good in IAP colours.

Not my model BTW!

Embraer have already gone through several configuration and design reviews and the general airframe design has changed over time maturing to the final config shown below. But if you are a "rivet counter" like me you'll notice some differences between the refs used and the models over the next few updates.


All through ArmA1 and ArmA2 I've been wanting to making decent transport aircraft but the game engine has always defeated me. By that I mean you couldn't ever really use them properly. The AI wouldn't fly them properly, you couldn't load vehicles into them without heavy scripting etc. I've held off finishing several of our heavy lifters, even cancelled some projects but now with ArmA3's use of PhysX cargo handling and logistics have become a really practical proposition. The ability to drive right into the back and fly to the other side of the island, land and drive right out again without scripting as seen in VBS2 some time ago. It also presents some nice logistics scenarios, force protection etc. Certainly it opens up some really nice ideas for me at least.

Below are some O2 grabs show with the RKSL C-130 in the background for comparison:

Next Time in Part 2
Over the next few updates I'm going to explain how I set up the references and started to make model, add wings etc. A few O2 tricks and the odd bit of Modo thrown in.





Ok this week, is a bit overdue. Its Saturday night, wednesday is a long forgotten memory but I thought I should post what i had planned anyway.

This week's offering isnt really mine. Its CBFASI's but since hes in the throes of moving house and has virtually no internet access I thought I'd post on his behalf (Its his turn you see). Small craft have always been fun to use in-game so CBFASI delved deep into his model archive and plucked out a "Rigid Raider MK1". Used primarily by the Royal Marines the boats are made from glass fibre and have a monster (for the size and weight of the boat) 115hp outboard motor fitted. Which lets it get up to a rather scary 50knots unloaded and 30kts with a full load of 8 troops and kit.


This week again is more actual Work In Progress shots. CBFASI gave me the model to unwrap some time ago but I've only just started to texture it. And rather obviously its missing its engine. The original model dates back to the OFP era and the Falklands (FLK) mod so its a bit low poly in places so need s bit of "tarting up". :D


Modo renders again, but once we get the engine sorted and the alternate pedastal sorted we'll post some ingame shots.

Rock standing in for CBFASI.


Since this is supposed to be about Work In progress we thought we'd actually show you some progress (again). This is the Selex Enforcer II Remote Weapons System model made by Messiah that he showed you back in week 25. This time its been fully unwrapped and Rock is in the middle of texturing it.

The renders are from Modo, with a very simple environment. Nothing too special but its the pre bake version which uses 5 textures and about 20 materials. This should all be baked down to a single tile.

You'll have to excuse the crappy ammo feed link its going to be replaced with a high poly model later on.




Well thats it for today, short and sweet. We're all busy with real life this week so thats all we have time for.

Have Fun,




... of mice and men, often go awry.

To start off, I'll have to warn you that this isn't going to be the most 'plus sized' of RKSL updates, mostly due to my own time schedule slipping, and perhaps in part to a three day binge in town thanks to a couple of old university friends who were visiting me in Copenhagen for the resultingly long weekend :roll: So, a slim update today, but part of a larger one I wanted to post about UV unwrapping the Foxhound, which will come in the next couple of weeks all being well.

Last time I posted, was about the progress of the foxhound and what was a fairly complete model. Since then I've added a few bits and bobs such as the rear step and corrected a few parts of the mesh, and progressed onto the interior. Vehicle interiors have always been a bit of a love hate relationship for any modder, being a rather detailed and labourious task, fraught with the usual (and more often than not, increasing) lack of reference that plagues all addons. Unwrapping the interior presents its own headache of small details, switches, cables and gear sticks, and it never ever seems to quite look... 'right' - as if its been setup to clinically, rather than a naturally lived in, working vehicle.

With the foxhound I'm hoping things will change. Thanks once again to the plain military guys and their superb reference, I've been able to knock together something that's hopefully fairly accurate, with enough detail to keep your eyes occupied, but not distracted from the road. With the eagerly awaited Render To Texture, the three interior screens will be able to show a variety of (switchable) views, including low light and thermal vision.








That (uv un-) wraps up the update today. Hopefully next time around I'll have a fully unwrapped exterior to talk about.


In the UKAF forums this week we've been having a bit of a debate about what to make for the UK Faction. Mainly about whats practical, you know the sort of thing. It looks so cool and interesting you really want to see it rolling around. But once you make the model is it any use in game? Can you get excavators to dig stuff up? Can you get cranes to work? Hovercraft? Making the model is, 'pretty easy' compared to making it perform how it should in the real world in game.

If you choose to make a complicated project its often the beginning of a long development process involving hundreds of hours of hard work. Is it worth it? Personally I love seeing something i work on come to life. Some projects have taken on a life of their own, becoming unbelievably complex and so very cool to play with. And not being a scripting person - i suck so bad at writing code for ArmA - i am always amazed at what UNN and other scripters like him come out with. But it does take time to develop a good, stable and MP friendly system.

So because of all this I've been looking at projects from a different point of view recently. I've been trying to prioritise projects that we can release and later upgrade and add functionality to as we go along without having to remake too much. Stuff that adds to the game too. So we have a base model with several derivatives. The first of these is the MAN HX series of Trucks. The textures are horrible and don't even mention the wheels! :oops:

MAN HX60 Base Model

MAN HX60 Base Model

I'm going to make it modular as we can. I've still got some experimenting to do but I do have several ideas to try out. But lets face it with ArmA3 coming and all its new gadgets and features it might be worth waiting a while:

MAN HX60 Base Model

The plan is to make the 4x4 and 6x6 HX based chassis and then make a variety of payloads we can swap via config to save on pbo size. I'm not to sure this will be practical in all cases due to roadway and cargo proxy issues but it might be worth a try.

MAN HX60 Base Model

Like a lot of the other projects we've shown you, these models are on the older side and considering the pace at which the UK MoD seems to change their kit specs they are a bit our of date so aren't the most accurate. Either that or I was not paying close enough attention when I made them.

MAN HX60 Base Model

I don't always get it right but I do try. I have to admit I don't often succeed but I keep trying all the same :D I'm going to remake some of the parts and I am a little concerned about the proportions in places so expect some changes, tweaks and outright replacements. The models were originally made in O2 about 2 years ago so what you see is really an low poly alpha model.

MAN HX60 Base Model

So what are we going to do with them?

Logistics my lad, logistic and a little GBAD. The obvious answer is drive them around...short sweet and accurate but we being who we are never seem to do anything the easy way. My plan - and it is mine alone, I have to take the blame for this one -is to make the basic versions first these include:

  • 6t 4x4 Covered (Medium Mobility)
  • 6t 4x4 Open (Medium Mobility)
  • 9t 6x6 Covered (Medium Mobility)
  • 9t 6x6 Open (Medium Mobility)
  • 9t 6x6 Fuelbowser payload (Medium Mobility)
  • 15t 8x8 Flat back (Medium Mobility)

And eventually the SX Improved Mobility Versions:

  • 9t 6x6 Covered (Improved Medium Mobility)
  • 9t 6x6 Open (Improved Medium Mobility)
  • 8x8 EPLS Replacement for the DROPS
  • 8x8 Unit Support Tanker (Improved Medium Mobility)
  • 8x8 Recovery Vehicle

Why split the two groups?

Well as I mentioned before I'm trying to find easy to finish projects that we can upgrade later. The basic HX versions all share a common configuration in terms of cabs, chassis etc. Its relatively easy to switch between the versions by adding/duplicating parts. The SX version is a slightly different setup and a lot of the SX based variants will require scripting. The idea is to make it easier for use to developed the models and systems together. It just gives us more time.

Well even though its sounds like it might be a digestive tract disorder FLAADS is actually Future Local Area Air Defense System. Originally intended to replace Sea Wolf as a close range air defence system on the Type 23 and eventually Type 26 Frigates its also being adapted to replace the Rapier FSC by 2018-2020. Designed around a new Common Anti-Air Modular Missile (CAMM) derived from the AIM-132 ASRAAM the new system is said to be capable of enaging the full spectrum of airborne threats. Its designed to be fully modular and can be mounted on almost any platform.


Could be fun... :D

Have a good one



Have you ever had someone say "Don't tempt fate" and ignored their advice and lived to regret it? Guess where I am...that is right, hospital.

I tempted fate with last week's final "I'll probably be dead by lunch time with my luck." comment. I so wish I'd kept my big gob shut. I'm not going to go into details as to why I'm here but it is personal, unpleasant and i'm in the market for a comfortable rubber ring. Lets leave it there. 8-)

Moving swiftly on... due to unforeseen circumstances...again I'm unprepared for Wednesday WIP yet again. I have my trusty Dell XPS16, my crappy 3G dongle and VPN connection to my home network. But a shockingly low speed connection due to poor signal quality. I'm running at about 56-64Kbs. Dial up era speeds. So this isn't going to be the most graphical of updates. Even doing this remotely via my desktop to take advantage of my home's broadband line its horribly slow going.

Since I haven't got much progress to show you this week, im showing you another project we have lined up for ArmA3 and the "2020 plan".

Agusta Westland AW159 Lynx Wildcat

BIS already made one of these for BAF, but being a fussy sort of bloke I didn't like how it turned out. I'm hoping the BIS guys don't hold this against me. But the model wasnt quite right. And to be fair to them when they started making it they only had a handful of the CGI mockup images to work with... Now that the real aircraft is flying around for all to see you can see the differences.


You can call me a "rivet counter" if you want but my background is Aerospace Engineering and details matter to me. And being a bit of a Westland Lynx 'fan' I wanted to have a good crack at the Wildcat and do it properly. I started the model about the same time BAF was announced and after its release my own model just sat dormant for a while. I'm not going to say it was from lack of interest but more from other distractions. The AW159 is one project that while it hasnt moved/progressed for a while I cant bring my self to move off the active list. I just like it


The BIS model was nice, fun to fly and perfectly practical ingame. But the inaccuracies bugged me. The tail rotor housing and boom was wrong, the engine covers and exhausts looked a bit 'wrong'. Not huge things but it still bugged me a bit.


I always feel bad criticising other people's models but I genuinely wanted BIS to get BAF right. I offered my own research info and advice at the time but it was a bit late in the day to get significant changes made. But I'll give BIS and especially Ivan and Damu full credit they were more than happy to take advice. Not many companies that will do that.


The Wildcat itself isn't a huge departure from the older Naval Lynx HMA8 in concpet and design. And as a result its come under fire for its limitations but its going to be a part of both Royal Navy and British Army inventories for a long time to come so its going to be a key model to make for ArmA3... atleast for me.

The current model is going to get overhauled. I've gotten access to some nice pics of the real aircraft now so I can see a number of areas that need re-making. I'm also hoping that with ArmA3's new render to texture and PhysX features we should be able to get some pretty funky features built into this.


Right now the real AW159 is undergoing trials and training workups, as more pictures leak out into the unrestricted internet expect to see more WIP updates for the Wildcat. I'm going to take my time on this one and get it right.

Right thats it. Its taken nearly 2 hours to edit and upload 5 pics on this connection so I've had enough of fighting with 3G I'm going to sign off and see if I can get that lovely blonde student nurse to give me a bed bath.

Have fun


PS the other pics...






Oh what a fortnight I've had. Again apologies about missing last week's WIP Wednesday. Things have not been going to plan and the reasons are a bit like the old; "sorry but the dog ate my homework" excuse. Soooo, think of your own reason why it didn't happen, call me names and then leave it there.

Seriously Ive had a hellishly busy week. For those that don't know Farnborough Airshow was last week. I didn't get to goto the fun Flying Display bit. I got to spend four days touting for work in the trade tents and chatting up prospective customers. Its bloody hard work making small talk then trying to sell your services.

I did get to see lots of new tech and big boy's toys though. Some very interesting things are planned by the big companies and it seems that UAVs and especially UCAVs feature heavily in the defence industry's collective consciousness. (Here's hoping BIS make a really good UAV interface this time, we're going to need it.). The "new" BAE Systems Mantis UAV is particularly interesting, and its bloody ugly too.


We were staying in a really, really and I do mean REALLY naff Bed & Breakfast. It was so bad the fleas and bed bugs wouldn't stay there. Oh and the breakfast was best forgotten... swimming in grease, smelt bloody awful and even the beans had a pale greyish tone. I'm retching thinking about it.

And I have to mention the parking... There is a reason they gave us a GPS enabled phone app to get around the site. We ended up parking so far away that we might as well have left the car in Birmingham and walked. The 2nd day I wore my hiking boots with my suit.


On the upside I was fortunate enough to have a poke around the static display park. I got access to some nice aircraft and spent the entire time kicking myself for having forgotten to take my camera (Don't ask - you wouldn't believe me) only to remember half way up the M6 motorway on Friday afternoon that my Blackberry has a perfectly adequate 5MP camera. Oh boy did I feel like a prize pratt. The feeling lasted from Birmingham to Wigan.


I met some old friends on the Airbus stand and got to see my very first production A380 up close. When I left Airbus in 2004 the pre-production prototype was only just coming off the assembly line. I have to say though, the best part of visiting the Airbus chalet was that we got fed properly for the first (and last time) since we arrived.

The Boeing guys were polite but not very helpful. And they couldn't answer some of my technical questions which I thought was odd for a sales team. But hey ho. As usual the SAAB guys rocked. Really nice helpful and incredibly knowledgeable, major geek-out session. Their reps really do know their products. All in all a pretty productive if very hectic week. Lots of schmoozing, arse kissing and brown nosing really but if it gets me work... bend over and ill ... maybe i won't. Although there was one lovely lady on the BAE Systems...ahem.


The F-18 and V-22 teams were very nice guys, letting us poke around and answering nearly all of our questions including some very probing ones. They also introduced us to the US DoD team on Friday morning letting me crawl around the F-15 and C-17 cockpits. I even managed to get my sizable arse into the F-15 with ease. Either Ive lost weight or the F-15 has gotten bigger. (I didn't have any issue getting in the C-17 before Sekra pipes up)

So back to this week's update... the dog ate it.

Predictably things have not gone too well, I'll be honest. I'm having a shit one. My Mum got rushed in to hospital on Tuesday, she's caught a Vomiting bug from somewhere, which considering she has Bone Cancer and takes her Chemotherapy and pain medication orally is a very big issue. My plan for the next few weeks has just sailed gracefully out of the window so I'm winging it this week yet again.

I am ashamed to say I lost the USB stick with all the Chally 2 updates that should have gone out last week. (maybe Sally my dog did eat it I dont really know) So this week I'm going to blag it a bit with some old pics and waffle again. Sorry ;)

I've had some interesting feedback and questions since i posted the Rapier FSC pics two weeks ago. It has prompted a bit of confusion and some discussion about what we're planning on doing. I've been trying to lay out the 'grand RKSL plan' with these update but its proving a bit chaotic so I thought I'd try again.

UK Ministry of Defence's Future 2020 Plan

Obviously we've formally added a few more "old faces" to the RKSL Team and we *appear* to be heading into Project-UKF-esque territory, creating a team to complete the full UK Faction etc. Well we are and we're not. :mrgreen:

Here's what we are doing:

  • We are making UK kit. But not all of it. We are hoping to cooperate with other individuals and teams to eventually flesh out the full faction.
  • We are focusing on kit around the UK Ministry of Defence's Future 2020 Plan.
  • Like other teams we're focusing less on individual addons and heading more toward the "mod package" plan.
  • We have "teamed up" with other UK themed addon makers to co-operate and share resources, knowledge and try to help each other out. See the UKAF Collection section on these forums. see (http://ukaf.rkslstudios.info/)
  • We will also continue working on the IA Project see (http://iap.rkslstudios.info/)
  • Some of the older & more complete projects that we drop from the RKSL plan may be transferred to the IAP list. More about that in another update.

We won't be:

  • Making every single unit, vehicle, weapon, gold fish, uniform and tin can in the British Inventory. While we would like to, we'd probably never mange it. I don't think i'm out of line saying; UKF tried and they burnt out pretty quickly. Its a lot of work to do as a hobby project.
  • Accepting requests for sub variants (unless they fit our plans in which case they are probably going to make an appearance anyway.) Changing scope and boxes etc to suit personal demands adds a lot of work to an already packed schedule.

What this means is that some of the older projects, specifically older kit may get dropped in favour of sexier modern kit. There still isnt a complete list right now but I'm still planning on releasing some of the old favourites I have in the queue. As are some of the other guys but they probably won't be given a high priority.

Panther CLV aka Iveco LMV

Just as a bit of a tease: Some New (old) WIP shots. These are 6 month+ old shots, the Panther CLV was introduced recently in Afghanistan as a Command Liaison and (limited) Recce vehicle with both the British Army and the RAF Regiment. It's planned that it should continue in service well into the 2020s replacing FFR Land Rovers, Snatch and various other command vehicles.





Have fun


PS To top it all last night my Q drive started to produce bad sectors like a Chav on benefits produces kids. By 1am only 4011 out of 129372 files was accessible. And for that brief moment everything was lost severe depression looked quite attractive compared to the mood I was in. Then just before i succumbed to the urge to go and play in traffic I remembered. SVN is a wonderful thing. New drive (Im going to RAID it) and several hours of formatting and all 120GB is restored. One evening lost but better that than all of my work.

Dare I say it? Maybe things will get better now... I'll probably be dead by lunch time with my luck. Check back next week to see if I'm still alive. :D



Sorry guys but real life bit me in the arse this week.

So much has been going on in the last 7 days I can't really explain but I've not had the time to finish this week's planned Chally 2 update.

I'm hoping that life returns to a "normal" state very soon. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I promise we'll have something for you next week.


Two sets of news this week, first more team news: Bennehboy and Da12thmonkey have joined the team. Benneh is an old friend and Da12thmonkey's knowledge is invaluable to both us and the UKAF Collection team so I slapped some tags on them and set them to work. :D

Second, I've had something of an Olympic themed week. I've been taking a bit of time off last weekend, going to see one of my oldest friends run with the Olympic flame on Saturday in Lichfield. Then we've had all the uproar in the press about the siting of Surface to Air Missiles around the London Olympic site so I though it might be topical top show you some Rapiers.

Olympic Torch in Lichfield

The BBC have been covering it with their usual verve and vigour and lack of technical accuracy but :

Military begins Olympic security exercises in London
London Olympics: MoD shows off Rapier missile system
London 2012: Leytonstone residents oppose missiles
Olympics missiles sites confirmed

I thought I'd show you all the very nearly complete Rapier FSC we've been sat on for some time.

Rapier Field Standard C System

The Rapier System has been repeatedly pushed back due to workload mainly because to get it to work effectively it needs to be scripted. Missile spamming has been a problem since OFP times and in last days of OFP we, well UNN started to work on a solution.





It was something that we tried to carry into ArmA1 and ArmA2 but it really never got the attention it deserved. Not from lack of interest but mostly because the engine changes meant that large sections of the code needed rewriting. Again and with each patch possibly again. We put it off, other things took priority and well it got left behind as other real life things became more important.


At some point, I started to remake the entire model set, its been a slow rolling improvement since ArmA1 and I've been tinkering for a while on and off, these models and pictures are at least 6 months old now but do represent the current state quite well.

I've been going through my Q drive (I just have to be different don't I) and trying to prioritise projects that can quickly be completed and the Rapier FSC came out pretty high up the list.


I've decided that we'll finish these off and release them as unscripted objects. It may disappoint some but none of us has the time right now to resurrect the FCSS and test it for ArmA2. And lets face it with ArmA3 looming on the horizon and all the prophecised engine changes we'd probably have to re-write it all again anyway.


Once ArmA3 comes out and we can see for ourselves what the engine will support then we may revisit the FCSS concept. Until then, statics only kids.


Have fun,

Rock, UNN, Messiah, Benneh and Da12thmonkey




It's just about wednesday in my part of the world, and given I have a busy day lined up in the morning away from the apartment, it seemed as good a time as any to write this week's update. Again I'm stepping up to natter a little bit again, but I promise I'll keep it short, sweet, and relatively erection joke free.

For those of you who follow these updates, you'll hopefully remember that last week I had mentioned that the foxhound project had been put on hold due to a general lack of reference for the latest TES version of the vehicle. What little we were able to drag up from the depths of the internet and other sources really left a lot to be desired, so to avoid too much guess work, it seemed the most prudent course of action. Predictably, sod's law raised its head, although in a more helpful guise than usual, and at the time of writing last week's article, something turned up in Afghanistan:

Now whilst I have promised I'd be sparing on the trouser tenting comments, the new look Foxhound certainly had my loins on fire. It's evolved into a proper little warry vehicle, and a splendid bit of kit if you're to believe all the chatter and the press footage. Regardless, a selection of press photos and video began to be released through the various MoD channels of it's debut in Afghanistan, and the vehicle was also centre stage at this year's DVD (defence vehicle dynamics). At this point, I wish to thank the guys from Plain Military, especially challengertwo, who attended DVD this year, armed with a personal wish list from myself of reference for the Foxhound, and returned with a photo walkthrough that really rivals anything I've had the pleasure of being a hold of before. Sterling stuff.

With all that, and the enforcer model complete, I opened up the foxhound project again and remodeled the original mesh extensively, added the new in theatre changes and additional equipment and even found time to pursuade da12thmonkey to create a quick model.cfg and gunner animation to ensure the two pintle mounts worked as they should (I'm a little rusty these days). All in all it's been a productive week, and, as I realise that this update is begining to waffle on, we'd like to show you the model thus far. Enjoy!

RKSL Studios Foxhound LPPV

RKSL Studios Foxhound LPPV

RKSL Studios Foxhound LPPV

RKSL Studios Foxhound LPPV

RKSL Studios Foxhound LPPV

RKSL Studios Foxhound LPPV

RKSL Studios Foxhound LPPV

As always, the model is 100% O2 built, but this week Rock helped out with a bit of a more glitzy render for extra va-va-voom.



bis_bunker_th.jpgE3, RTT, RWS. A host of excessively used acronyms (which is rather apt given the MoD's - one more - love of them) forms the basis of this week's update, digesting what we've learned from the Electronic Entertainment Expo, what Render To Texture means for us, and its application on things such as Remote Weapon Stations

So, E3's been and gone, and whilst Jay and Ivan have done a stirling job of moistening the larger gaming population's loins in anticipation of Armed Assault 3 and the progress its making, suffice to say that we probably didn't learn that much from the various press presentations or new screenshots. All in all thats not that unsurprising, as most of us in the community have already trawled up far more information about ArmA 3 [oops, there's one more] than your average gamer would ever know, so any hopes of exciting new information or trouser tenting additions were certain to be dashed. With that being said, we got to see the game in a working state, the various features, lighting and environments and an early implementation of PhysX 3.XX. All very exciting, and pleasing to see the progress so far.

So out of E3, what excited me the most? Well besides the engine improvements, especially lighting and physics, a small and easily overlooked feature stood out the most, the addition of Render To Texture. Now, RTT is nothing ground breaking, games have been using it for years to simulate mirrors, reflections, TV [and another] monitors and other immersive scenary, but in terms of the ArmAverse it adds an array of useful and interactive additions to the game and the way in which it simulates the battlefield and the objects within. Primarily, of course, it will see it's greatest use in vehicle wing and rear view mirrors, in TV screens and monitors, rear view cameras and situational awareness cameras (as deployed on a host of the latest British Vehicles).



Render to Texture from 1:49 onwards

Beyond that, it's ability to also render night vision and thermal scenes independant of the visual mode the player is in, and (with scripting) the ability to switch between these, also adds depth to vehicles with driver aids such as thermal and night vision driving cameras (again, a common addition to current British Kit), it allows battlefield communication and information sharing to progress even further, being able to observe what your gunner is viewing as a Tank Commander, feeds from UAVs [they're bloody everywhere] and live maps, and useful and interactive Remote Weapon Station feeds (The applications are certainly more far reaching that my brief run through, and I'm excited to see what greater minds such as UNN can come up with)


This last application, the RWS, is the final topic of this update. From an RTT front, it can be applied on the lens to provide some rather splendid reflections, but more so on the gunner's station itself, as well as any other screens slaved from it. Whilst the gunner within ArmA 3 is going to spend the majority of his or her time using the RWS through it's main camera, and therefore not using RTT, other passengers within the vehicle, specifically any commanders, will be able to view what the gunner is aiming at, through RTT on any screens attached to the Enforcer RWS. This allows them to use the weapon station both tactically as well as offensively, and I can see this being of great benefit to the varios Co-Op squads, and increasing the depth and scope of individual addons.


From the more serious applications, this also allows me to show off the new enforcer model I've been working on. Since my last update I had been lucky enough to land a short 4 week job (although I'm unemployed once more, what a wondeful industry I work in), which meant I was unable to spend much if any time working on the Foxhound. That, couple with the MoD's recent changes and additions to the vehicle, and at the time of writing this, a lack of viable references (the Foxhound has since been deployed to Afghanistan, and a selection of new reference has been made available), I've had to put that project on hold while I scour the internet and various trade shows for the (hopefully) final version (if such a thing could ever exist in defence procurement). Never-the-less I always intended to create a Foxhound with an enforcer mounted (even though one might not be planned as yet) and with several other projects at RKSL and the wider British Addon Community in need of one, it seems to be the ideal time waster.


New enforcer on the left, old enforcer on the right

The model has come a long way since it's first ArmA 2 / VBS2 incarnation, with a far more accurate mesh, additional details and objects and a somewhat hefty face count. That being said, I hope you agree the extra love and attention has been well worth it, and with the right textures and rvmats, this should be a lovely little addition to any vehicle. (as ever, all screens are from O2, and the model is 100% O2 built)


(Ta Ta For Now)


typhoon_plugin_diag1.jpgSo, "WIP wednesday" turned into "Tardy Thursday" and now its nearly "F@#& it Friday". Without further ado, may I present Talking Typhs Part 3 - Plugins.

Right from the very start I had thought about making various national versions/reskins etc. It is inevitable someone would want a German version or a Spanish etc. BIS gave us the ability to do this via config replacements and hidden selections. Something together we've taken to calling a plugin.

The idea is pretty simple really. We have the core PBO file. this contains all the models, scripts, sounds etc and a base config. We then have national PBOs. Each containing that specific countries skins and config etc.

The core file itself is "Private", this means that alone the file will put nothing in the editor tree. It needs a plugin that inherits from the Core to give a placeable object. So far we have seven National Plugins:






  1. UK - Royal Air Force
  2. DE - Bundeswehr Luftwaffe
  3. IT - Aeronautica Militare
  4. ES - Ejercito del Aire
  5. SA - Royal Saudi Air Force
  6. AT - Austrian Air Force
  7. REDFor


RAF Typhoon Fins

Luftwaffe Typhoon Fins

Italian Typhoon Fins

Spanish Typhoon Fins

RSAF Typhoon Fins

RedFor Typhoon Fins

We will be releasing a "template" pack with the addon. A base texture in PSD format, something you can then add your own schemes to as you like. The same goes for a commented config for making your own plugins.


PS very big Thank you to Da12thMonkey. Hes the responsible for creating the majority of these national plugins. I forgot to mention it earlier :oops:


typhoon_film_th.jpgI just can't catch a break this week. Well this and last month... maybe the month before that too... Oh sod it, I just can't catch a break!

Where to start... well this week's update was properly planned, executed last Thursday and then finally murdered on Tuesday morning. First I had codec dramas. Audio would play but no video then the reverse. Video but no sound, all the sort of crap you really don't need when the update is pretty much just video with a commentary. So, I fixed the codec issue only to discover the headset and mic i used is a tad... fraked. The mic is patchy and sounds like I have a UH1 spinning up in my office and its only recording on the left channel... Then when I get it all fixed, it dies half way through recording the 2nd video. So that's going to have to wait until next week. So back to this week:

Talking Tyffs - Part Deux

This week a Cockpit video showing the new MFDs working away with a multilayer parallax enabled HUD (sounds impressive put like that doesn't it). The main down side is that you have to put up with Rock droning on about it all. The plan was to have a second video showing the weapons modes on the HUD, explain the symbology and how to use it effectively. "The plans of mice and men don't amount to a hill of beans in this here town". (How badly can you maul famous quotes and still get away with it.)


I'd suggest watching it in 1080p you will see much more. Its still WIPpy but its very close to RELly.




And - say it with me - Its done when its done :lol:


triffid_th.jpg.392271a340f752f0469255971...well not it isn't it's just not really worthy of the name. I'll try harder next week, promise.

This last week (or three) has been an awkward one for me personally hence the poorly planned update. I

ts all been rather busy and not really too much fun. My dear ole' Mum has had a rough week after Radiotherapy and its left me chasing around trying to sort things out to make sure both she and her business have all that they need. So there really hasn't been too much W of the WIP being done. At least not the sort of stuff you want to see.

This week I've mostly been working in my Mother's garden. The stinging nettles around here are close cousins of the Triffids. I'm sure of it. The little buggers seem to have sprouted all over the gardens literally overnight. Fixing the garden furniture ready for the impromptu BBQ season the UK is currently enjoying. And working on a rapid fix for a Frankenstein inspired 6 axis machining centre as a favour to a friend. Oh and painting the fence. And working on the RKSL Website (version 320461.04a).

The fence looks lovely, I'm really proud of it. Although I have to say the "blue" wouldn't have been my first choice...

So the Machining Centre is probably a more interesting topic... A Cincinnati Milacron long bed, with all manner of things grafted on to it over the years. Its a 6 axis system capable of some truly complex machining. With the right head and tool it can produce some amazingly delicate and complete parts. It was used until recently for making stringers and frames for military aircraft, something that was way beneath its true capabilities. Recently it's been used to make frames for satellites, marginally more its mete. To enable it to do this, recently it's had some "upgrades" and as with most upgrades they actually broke it. So my friend who owns the company...

Ok so I had a bit of a disaster that's turned into a bit of good luck really.

The website has been 'down' for over a year now. What started with a bit of corrupted data taking the front page down has evolved into a saga of epic proportions and a glowing example of "feature creep" and "how not to make a website".

BUT you know all this and you want to know what is happening now... you do don't you? If you don't then probably best to Google RKSL and look at the pretty pictures. If you are interested read on.


So after a failed security upgrade we're now on a completely new build again. Its actually be a bit of a godsend. The previous build had evolved over time and as such had grown into a hugely complex monster. This latest build and I pray to his Great Noodliness (Yes Im a proud Pastafarian) in the sky that it is the final build:

  • Joomla 2.5x - Core CMS
  • Improved Tag search system
  • Cleaner, lighter, faster theme.
  • Integrated Helpdesk/Support ticket system
  • One shared logon. Website, Forums and client sites:
  • IAP - http://iap.rkslstudios.info/
  • UKAF - http://ukaf.rkslstudios.info/
  • Tutorials
  • IAP Subdomain
  • UKAF Collection Subdomain
  • Improved user groups
  • Improved Gallery
  • Simplified Project layouts
  • Online Documentation for all released Projects
  • Twitter and Facebook integration (Im not a huge fan but it was easy to do)

Still to do:

  • Release Notification System - Subscriber options
  • Improved Downloads module.
  • FAQ engine.

So while its been vaguely "WIPpy" Its not really that interesting either...sorry about that...So here's a Panda Soldier.


PS. Incidentally, the British BBQ season is now over. Its absolutely pissing down now!

PPS. If you notice odd things with the forums its because i'm "tinkering". :oops:




Oh what a month for the UK Ministry of Defence Procurement Executive. And I do mean that in the nicest possible way. U-turns with the F-35s and carriers, balancing their budget - that wont last long I bet - and trying to work out how to leave Afghanistan without having to dig a tunnel under Pakistan. And they will always be caught between the eternally warring factions of the Armed Forces and 'Politicians'. If you know anything about the UK armed forces you'll know something of the inter-service rivalry. Its legend really but it all resolves down to one thing; who gets the most money to spend on new toys.

The Army like to remind everyone that Soldiering is the world's oldest profession. (Well really it is prostitution but if you've ever served in any military you'll know that's a pretty close description of your time in.) But they have a long and distinguished career with 405 years of history and the Battle honours to prove it.

The Royal Air Force, whilst the youngest of the services are no less proud. Distinguishing themselves in the Second World War by defending the British Isles against superior numbers and (arguably) equipment. Promoting "Brill cream" and training a very large number of foreign aircrew along the way.

The Royal Navy. The worlds oldest professional military service dating from the 16th Century, they call themselves the "Senior Service". (I know a few other names for them too but that would be rude.)

Traditionally, Britain has been a strong Naval power. Ever since the 1970's the Royal Navy has been shrinking. Not diminishing but, "downsizing" to adjust to the threats against the Kingdom and Crown. (I love that phrase, typical defensive twaddle - another word I'm rather fond of too.) With the decommissioning of HMS Ark Royal R09 - The last *cough*full size*cough* carrier in the RN - the axe fell on conventional fixed wing operations for the Navy. Smaller Strike Carriers and Sea Harriers took over, some cynics called it the Beginning of the End for the Fleet Air Arm.

"See you in two weeks...maybe a month."


In 1982 Argentina shook the UK government's resolve to reduce defence spending by invading the Falklands (You may have heard about it). The Royal Navy, in its downsized form pulled off nothing short of a miracle. Readying a Task Force consisting of both Navy and converted Civilian vessels in less than 2 weeks. Something I really doubt we (as a nation) could do now, there isn't enough cash for a start. But it was an impressive feat nonetheless. Sekra, WLD427 and I were talking about it a few weeks ago. Eddie/WLD427 amusingly said,

"Only the British could declare War then say, 'see you in two weeks...maybe a month.'"

As a Brit, i'm rather proud of that. Tongue Out

Without wanting to wade brazenly into the entire political issues of now and then, the Falklands are still British soil so we know what happened. I'm just going blithly wade on and skip to the aftermath and its affect in Royal Navy spending and Budgets.

Since the Harrier/Strike Carrier concept worked so well a number of politicians and civil servants saw this as proof that Britain did not need larger carriers. Leaving some RN officers spluttering, "But we could have done it so much better with more aircraft." Which is arguably true but the job was done with a smaller carrier and that was that for the next 15-20 years.

Queen Elizabeth-class (CV Future)

Enter the CVF which later became known as the Queen Elizabeth class. In 2000 the UK MoD started to seriously consider the ramifications of aging Harriers and the cost of maintaining the RN's three strike carriers. The Joint Strike Fighter Programme was a strong contender (who am I kidding it was the only real contender faced with the alternatives) for the new JCA (Joint Combat Aircraft) to equip the RAF and RN Fleet Air Arm for the 21st Century.


Contrary to popular belief, the "CV" hull classification symbol does not stand for "Carrier Vessel". The "CV" designation was originally derived from cruisers, since aircraft carriers were seen as an extension of the sea control and denial mission of cruisers. The "V" designation for heavier-than-air craft comes from the French verb voler (to fly). Since 1935, "CV" has been a two-letter, unitary hull classification symbol meaning "aircraft carrier".

I wont go into detail over the history or recent events save to say. I think its all "bollocks", I really do. The original design for the "ramped" deck was to ensure that the Harriers could be operated if the JCA was not delivered in time. (Given the decision to axe the Sea Harrier in 2006 and finally the GR7 & 9 in 2010 seems a bit unwise doesn't it) The same "original spec" also demanded that the design must be flexible enough to allow a more conventional CATOBAR refit if needed. Given that little bit of information and the recent events you just have to ask, "Who dropped the ball on that one then?" What a f@%k up that was. If this was part of the design spec why is it supposedly costing so much to change the deck design now? And lets not forget the French PA2, a CVF class vessel with a conventional CATOBAR deck. Why couldn't we use that design? Wouldn't that have saved some money? I've asked this question of several MoD and Carrier Alliance staff and I've never got an answer. The more worrying part is that until i mentioned it to the MoD bod, he wasn't aware that the French carrier design was different!

I get why the CDS and MoD have made this decision given the current financial and political climate. I just think the entire premise was wrong from the start. My opinion is that we should have not even considered a STOVL (aka ramp) deck and gone with the more conventional CATOBAR design from the first day. It made much more sense given that our two biggest allies, the US and France both operate conventional decks. Each demonstrating very capable strike and air defence aircraft on them. Each demonstrating the capability to deploy a credible force anywhere in the world. Two sayings spring to mind:

  1. "If it aint broke don't fix it"
  2. "Don't try to reinvent the wheel."

Of course there are credible arguments for the STOVL aircraft but considering the projected operating costs of the F-35B vs. the F-35C I believe the immediate expense would have been saved over the longer term, in parts, training and ongoing joint operations. And we would have got a far more capable aircraft and carrier force in the end. Shame the politicians are more concerned about their jobs than doing the job right the first time.

"Well I made one in OFP and I've ported it forward..."

Anyway, idiotic policy and project management decisions aside, we, RKSL are making a CVF. Well I made one in OFP and I've ported it forward as you can see. But its not really up-to scratch for ArmA3. Its surprisingly low poly for its size but its in dire need of upgrade, especially since ArmA3's focus on underwater capability the existing model's hull needs some rework.


Its over 280m long and nearly 70m wide so obviously its not a single object. Its made up of 6 sections assembled via script. In OFP times this was done using SetPos but now we can use AttachTo with much greater effect. And as CBFASI previously mentioned, he and UNN have developed a scripting systems that allows users to tie down objects anywhere on the decks which opens up some interesting possibilities. However, with ArmA3 creeping forever closer with its 'new' game engine including PhysX and other enhancements we may find that CBFASI and UNN's carefully crafted scripts may become obsolete.



The model is going to get some significant "love", I'll even go so far as to say the model you see here won't be the same one you will hopefully eventually see in game. I'm already remaking the Hull. The flight deck is slightly the wrong shape. Not much, but its enough that it affects the hull shape so it will need changing. And of course the interior will need some attention too



Whatever happens with ArmA3 we will have some large Royal Naval assets ingame! Eventually... :D

I didn't know that until this evening. I always thought it meant Carrier Vessel. You learn something new everyday.