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Week 9 - 2013 - I can see Uranus

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Well this week its all about equipping the Ambassador III class missile boats. According to the published specs for the ship it has AGM-84 Harpoons. Well with this being for an ASA (OPFOR) ship I wanted to give it an alternative and more flexible capability. Which, in this case is the the GRAU 3M24 "Uran" (translates as Uranus according to Wikipedia) or Х-35У or AS-20 'Kayak'. Under NATO parlance its know the SS-N-25 'Switchblade'. How many names can this thing have?

It is also nicknamed Harpoonski for its similarity to the AGM-84 Boeing Harpoon which lets face it is a bit easier to handle. Either way its a cruise missile with both anti-ship and land attack capability. Which makes it ideal for the Missile boats.


As with the earlier WIP entry about the SeaRAM [1] [2] this is another component system for use on our ships and other kit ultimately for IAP.

The plan is to use the BIS Artillery module to control the use of these missile batteries which will give some much needed support for the ASA forces. And before anyone cries "But this is a cruise missile not artillery." Yes we know but right now its a very good way of getting the capability ingame without a long development. Which I'm sure you will all appreciate.


Anyway thats all for this week. Its been a close run thing getting this out before midnight. I was still making the launcher at 23:30 :D

Have fun


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