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Week 8 - 2013 - Baked Barracuda

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Messiah's Foxhound is getting some "baked love" this week.

Messiah has handed over his pride and joy to me so I can bake it some blankets...Infra Red suppressing camouflage blankets to be precise. They are supposed to reduce the IR signature of a vehicle significantly. I cant really comment about how well they work in the real world but i can tell you they are a pain in the arse to draw. Especially when it comes to creating normal maps.


Which is why I tend to model things i cant draw and pray it looks OK on the bake.


So what I am doing is creating a tileable model that can be overlaid on the exiting UV layout and baking that onto existing texture. Like so:


Eventually it will cover the appropriate areas and then I can hand it all back to Messiah to finish off with some random colour variations and any extra kit on top of it.

Have fun


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