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Week 42 - Oct 17th - SoAm Lifting Part 1



OK so this isn't a Tornado. Maybe if you squint... nah not even then. For reasons out of my control I've not done as much on the Tonka as i hoped so I'm going to show you something a little different.

This is something for ArmA3, IAP was planned for ArmA2 originally. It was intended to be a very long term project but even the best laid plans of mince and men change (Well it just got longer). So, ArmA3 here we come...


I've been planning a project called IAP for a while now. At least 2 years and you've seen bits and pieces of the prep work for a while now. This week, much earlier than I planned to may i present something new in almost every sense of the word. The Embraer KC-390, I'm going to split this update into 3 or 4 pieces and make it a bit educational since people keep saying they like it when we explain our work flows. This week though is a bit of introduction to the concept and project.

Embraer KC-390 - The South American Lifter

When I first saw this on Flight Global last year I thought "I'd like to make that". I didn't have the time then and I probably don't have the time now either but I recently had the chance to give it a go.

This all came about thanks to a pain in the arse commercial client. I was asked to make a Proof of Concept model for a part supplier, contracts written and awaiting a signature. I was told it was delayed in legal but it was a done deal so I started on the model. A week later, its turns out that the deal was dead. So sod it, an IAP/ArmA3 project was born.

The KC390 is intended to be a replacement for the C-130 serving in Brazil and other South American nations. Embraer has a history of making some pretty good cost effective aircraft so the probability of this airframe making it into service is pretty high. And It looks kinda cool too. We havent seen too many none C-130 transport in-game so I thought it would look good in IAP colours.

Not my model BTW!

Embraer have already gone through several configuration and design reviews and the general airframe design has changed over time maturing to the final config shown below. But if you are a "rivet counter" like me you'll notice some differences between the refs used and the models over the next few updates.


All through ArmA1 and ArmA2 I've been wanting to making decent transport aircraft but the game engine has always defeated me. By that I mean you couldn't ever really use them properly. The AI wouldn't fly them properly, you couldn't load vehicles into them without heavy scripting etc. I've held off finishing several of our heavy lifters, even cancelled some projects but now with ArmA3's use of PhysX cargo handling and logistics have become a really practical proposition. The ability to drive right into the back and fly to the other side of the island, land and drive right out again without scripting as seen in VBS2 some time ago. It also presents some nice logistics scenarios, force protection etc. Certainly it opens up some really nice ideas for me at least.

Below are some O2 grabs show with the RKSL C-130 in the background for comparison:

Next Time in Part 2
Over the next few updates I'm going to explain how I set up the references and started to make model, add wings etc. A few O2 tricks and the odd bit of Modo thrown in.





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