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Da12th Monkey on EFA Plugins

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Rock though you lot might like to see these.

Since doing the squadron markings on the international plugins for Rock a few months ago; I've been mucking around with the texture templates on-and-off, to make a few more 'exotic' skins for the Typhoon:


They wont be included with the next RKSL release as official plugins like those that Rock listed, but they show the kind of things you'll be able to do yourselves with the skinning template that comes with it; just by using the setobjecttexture command in the editor, or by making your own skins plugin. Those above are but a small sample of a dozen or so skins that I was able put together in next to no time.

Note that a few of the weapons I loaded with 'addweapon/addmagazine' are from Myke's pack, not the RKSL one.

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