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Week 13 - March 28th - New UK Armour



I was rather disappointed to discover that the recent UKF Challenger 2 update by DK was ACE2 only. Since Im not an ACE user it left me without a tank for one of our new joint ventures. So I thought I'd make one.


Pathy - the original author - has previously given me permission to modify the UKF model if I wanted but with ArmA3 looming and the new texture and model standards And as DM was 'kind' enough to point out on the BIS Forums the UKF model is a bit out of scale and proportion I thought I'd try to make a new model.

Its really not that easy either. The turret is a nightmare when you get into it. Da12thmonkey pointed out a small issue on the internal dev forums, it took 3 1/2 hours to change in the end.


And before anyone screams "Finish X first!". Wait a while and you might understand why the Chally has become important....






















Well the main point of this project isn't really for addon purposes. At least 50-60% of the reasoning behind making it is to add some ground kit to my portfolio. Its easily 90% aircraft. The HP is more for render effect anyway. It is a bit easier to get the scale and proportion right when it all matches up. Baking it in the complete form means that the texture is perfectly aligned to Low Poly. Its important because the anim seems are occasionally visible due to the texture. It can be very obvious if you get it wrong.

You can see the complete discussion thread here.

Thats all for this week. More next Wednesday.



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