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UPDATE - Tornado GR4 TARDIS Cockpit



Just to show some progress in the Cockpit. I've replaced the old style HUD unit withthe correct TARDIS enabled version now and done some work on the rear seat.

Recently I've had a little break from the hectic life of ArmA2 modding. But, as they say, "All good things must come to an end". So i'm back to the joys of lighting errors and unwrapping.

So here we are again, Tonka cockpits. When i showed the first pics of screenshots of the model Da12thmonkey was kind(?) enough to point out i'd made the wrong HUD projectors for the latest GR4 airframe. (You have no idea how much time i spent on the f'ing thing) So i've now replaced the GR1/F3 model with the more up to date TARDIS (Tornado Advanced Radar Display Information System) version.




I think i've said it before, the Tornado is one of "those" hard to finish projects. You know, one of those jobs you need to do, but aren't really sure how you are going to finish it. Like so many people, i desperately want to finish the damn thing but its proving to be slow going. Not because Im not interested in it, but because I want to do it properly. So stick with me while I slog through the not-at-all-fun unwrapping and texturing.

Lets hope its going to be worth it in the end.


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