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Coming Soon: Typhoon 1.5

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It's been a very long time coming but Typhoon v1.5 is nearing release. There has been some significant restructuring going on.

During the last year we've had lots of feedback. And i really do mean lots, and its still coming in. We've tried hard to respond to all of these comments and suggestions and I think the latest build we have represents a huge improvement in the addon.

Key Features

  • Improved HUDs - incorporating the Parallax enabled layers Improved
  • Flight models - improved stability and turn rates Improved AI compatibility - the AI now fly the aircraft properly and really do hold their own (kiss good bye to the SU-34 and SU-30s.)
  • Improved cockpit model Added Pylon system - change the number or configuration of the pylons
  • Improved textures Improved Afterburner textures End user made plugins now supported. New Sounds - courtesy of Rexeuk and BigPickle
  • User made plugin in Support



Typhoon Core and Plugins


Due to the number of requests we've had to make other national versions we've had to restructure the PBOs and classnames. To make it easier for people to get the version and only the version they want we've split the previous RAF class names away from the base/core PBO file. Each nation now has its own plugin PBO.

We've also changed the focus of the the Air weapons pack to include a much larger range of ordinance. Including, UK, NATO and Eastern Bloc weapons. This means that its now possible to more accurately tailor the load outs to fit your own national needs or create your own custom weapons fits.

We'll be providing config and texture templates for those that are interested in making their own versions and plugins so you can make your own clan/team specific version without affecting the core addon or having the need to ask for permissions (as long as you don't mess with the original PBO).

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