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UPDATE: New in Typhoon 1.4




Phase 1 - Fixes and short reworks

  • Fixed up the currently available model
  • New Flight model/performance
  • Better AI performance
  • Various small model tweaks
  • slightly reworked cockpit
  • New MFD displays
  • New HUD setup
  • Improved HUD function and Targeting.
  • Split the PBO into a core file and a "plugin"
  • Added full support for texture swapping via config.
  • Added German Luftwaffe EF2000 plugin with German Language support.
  • Improved the Stringtable support for non-English speakers.
  • Improved the Weapons pack
  • Added to the weapons pack
  • Changed some config values
  • Various script upgrade
  • Added detach option to the break chute.
  • Brake chute automatically detaches over a set speed.

Phase 2 - Model Revamp - All of the above +

  • Improved model
  • Reworked Forward fuselage to correct for the odd blending and vent placement.
  • Split the main texture over two tiles now.
  • Increased the detail on the textures
  • Added support for Myke's leaning.
  • Improved Normal and RVMATs (rendered as opposed to drawn)

And more.


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