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Starting 2020



I had a bit of a bad few months before xmas. Lot of hospital time :angry:   But I'm getting back on track now. The promised updates are coming along and will escape soon. New stuff is making it ingame together with some new stuff too. #backtobusiness #rksl #arma3 Going to be a fun year ?


Well, its less 'new' but and more a case of here's one I made earlier.  its an older model im just bringing upto a3 spec with new uv map and textures.  

Straight away let me just say its the British Version, the Westland AH-64 Apache. hence the WAH-64.  There's some extra lumps and bumps that other versions don't have.  It will be uprated to the new E-Guardian spec. With the new M-TADS etc. And at first at least I DO NOT plan on doing any other versions.  It may come later but for now I'm focused on British Kit.


WAH64-04-diff.JPG WAH64-03-diff.JPG


NEW - Chinook HC5 and 6

After helping a couple of people try and wrangle the BIS Chinook model into the air for their own mods I decided to give up frustrating myself and just go and make my own.  This is a new model made from genuine Boeing General Assembly drawings.  All the proper dimensions and British lumpy bits.


The plan is to create the HC5 and 6 versions.  The 'normal' version of the modern British Chinook HC2/2A/4 appears as the HC6 and the 'Fat Tank' HC3 appears as the HC5.  All the previous incarnations of the British Chinook have since vanished having been upgraded to provide a standard avionics and cockpit layout across the fleet. I prefer to keep my life simple and don't plan on doing any retro Cold War versions so please don't ask.



Anyway, as usual: "Its done when its done."  Please don't ask for release dates as a poke in the eye tends to offend and I don't enjoy hurting people that often.



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