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Counting rivets – Cockpit detailing and textures



HAWK T1A GunsightIts August Bank Holiday monday in the UK and for once its not raining!

But as per tradition I am working on addons... while drinking...BBQ Chicken and or steak may be involved later.

I don't know how many people will know or even care but the Hawk T1A / Mk60 series aircraft doesn't actually have a HUD like other aircraft.  Its only got a gunsight.  My research suggests that its a Ferranti Type 'F'-95.

So its really just an aiming point.   Its going to be a bit f a challenge to setup I think.  Atleast when it comes to the non-RAF loadouts on the Mk60 series.

"Pretty in Pink"

My god daughter was over today and here first response when seeing the pics it was its looks pretty in pink.  She is eight and at that stage where everything is pink.  Her bedroom looks like a pink paint bomb testing ground.

The joy of unwrapping and materials.

Hawk cockpit panels.png

The pink is the base material colour, it makes it easier to find the unwrapped and untextured parts.

Hawk cockpit panels 2.png

Part way through the job

Hawk cockpit panels 3.png

After adding some of the labels.

Hawk cockpit 1.png

Cockpit "tub" bump mapping rivets.  I'm not that keen that i need to count rivets and model them all individually.


Hawk cockpit 2.png


These were all taken a few days ago. today's efforts were more focused on drinking the beer but i've been unwrapping switches and drawing labels so perhaps not as visially interesting.

Have fun.


28 August 2017

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