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Naval Warfare in ArmA3:  Project 636, “Kilo” Class Sub reveal



ArmA3’s underwater features have always seemed a bit of an oddity to me.  At release Bohemia made a big noise about being able to swim, dive and SDVs etc.  But nothing was really made of it and the community has never embraced it very much either.  Sure, there has been some subs but no one seemed to use them.  Due to the game engine limits, they really aren’t practical either.


Size does matter

So, I thought I’d have a proper look at the capabilities and limitations.  Leaving the actual model aside for a moment, it was the limitations that I wanted to get a grasp of.  For those that don’t know ArmA has a geometry limit

  • 50m x 50m x ?m (x,y,z)  No object can exceed this if it has a roadway lod. 
  • 64m x 64m x ?m - If it doesn’t have a roadway.

BUT!  In some cases, it seems you can get even longer providing it’s not as wide.  For unknown reasons volume comes into play.  I don’t know how or why but it does.

No solid rules in ArmA modding guys :P

Moving on, the best OPFOR Sub that fits that statement (and the IAP requirements) seems to be the “Kilo” class sub.  It’s 74m long, 9.9m at the beam (widest point on the hull) and thanks to the quirkiness of ArmA3’s game engine is modelled as a single piece and is completely solid in game.


Why Submarines?

For my IAP project I wanted a to have a hidden threat to shipping, a way to lob missiles onto ground targets without being seen and generally cause havoc.  So, torpedoes and sub launched cruise missiles are going to be on the cards at some point.

This in game version of the Kilo, is armed with the Russian Type 53-65 Torpedo and the 3M54 Klub Land attack missile.


A limited mixed load should help with balance.  The real sub can carry 18x 533mm weapons or missiles.  If you assume a load out of 12 Torpedoes and 6 Land Attack Missiles that should be realistic for a full war time load…?  Overkill?  Not sure yet.


But does it sink?

Just like the Vanguard class subs the Kilo is still too large to sink using the stock controls.  Simply put the game engine just doesnt liek any subs larger than the SDV.  So as with the larger subs I'm going to give it some scripted assistance.  Which to be honest I think will be much more fun to use.

'Rig for Submerged running!'

'Blow All ballast'

'Dive planes to 10 degrees'

'Make revolutions for 5 knots'

C'mon you just read that in Sean Connery's voice didn't you!  Hunt for red October: ArmA Edition anyway?


A few people that know me well enough know that I hate writing configs and I can’t write scripts well enough to do that much beyond the basics.  So I’ve teamed up with someone else to do a trade models for coding skills.

I’m going to let him out himself, but the end intent for him is to provide a naval weapons/anti-submarine package that addon makers can eventually incorporate into their own addons.  So, the Kilo sub will not only be released un the RKSL/IAP tag but it will also see Steam release via my new partner.

Should be good.  I’m excited anyway.

More later.




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3 minutes ago, Joey_45 said:

IF you want plans for a couple of RN subs give me a shout...


Looking awesome.

What you got?

I'm trying to find a decent Astute and T Boat 3 view.  I've only found poor quality, low res ones so far.

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