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Ok so someone wanted an update...




I've chosen to be a bit quieter about what i'm doing because I seem to be getting shit no matter what i do.  

  • If i explain whats going on - "hes just bragging and teasing us...he'll never release anything."
  • If I stay quiet - "RKSL is dead i told you he'd never release anything."

Both of these just remove any motivation to do anything public again.  And lets face it its not like you bought anything from me.  You've never contributed to me and mine for the time we invested.  So my own opinion/theory about whiners/whingers and abusive critics...you must have absolutely no life and probably very small genitalia to get so angry about a computer game mod.  Just saying...

The reality here can be represented quite simple formula:

    (Hours in the week) - (Work + Commute/Travel time + Social Life + Sleeping + Household chores) = Free Time.

So we then need to factor in the the esoteric variable of Motivation.

    (Abuse / 2) *  ((interest in ArmA3) / Fatigue)) = Motivation

You can also express this another way:

    Abuse / ([email protected]#%s given) = Motivation

Combining the two derived values we come down to the simplified expression:

    Free time * Motivation = "Free Time to Mod"

So the bottom line is When Free Time to Mod is a lower value, very little gets done.  No amount of abuse and little dicked people screaming and making up BS stories and fantasies about what i am doing right now only impacts motivation of public releases.

So in one last attempt at being open...  Here is an honest statement of what i'm thinking right now.

General Issues:

  1. Hold everything and release an RAF Faction?
    1. Then an Army Faction
    2. Then an RN Faction
  2. Or Release individual addons?
  3. Make everything and release a complete Mod Pack?
    1. Possible release in tiers? More on this as a blog post coming soon.
  4. Why don't beer bottles self replenish?
  5. Can I design a beer delivery system to my chair? 
  6. Photoshop on my main system seems to be having a bit of a wobble and quits working at inconvenient times.
  7. I've learnt a tonne of new tricks and techniques which make some of the other models seem too complicated/ugly/clumsy.
  8. I really don't seem to be able to write some of the scripts I want to.  Looking for other solutions soon.
  9. I'm spending a lot of time travelling and working again so baking textures on a Surface Pro4 isn't always practical.

Technical Issues:

  1. Planes - I've run into a the issue of the upcoming planes DLC.  I've been playing with the Dev build and I'm tempted to hold back until the DLC to release so i don't have to do everything twice.
  2. Helos & PhysX - I've ported all the helos into A3 now.  Some with retractable landing gear seem to have an issue with placement in Eden.  The wheels are retracted on placement so it takes damage instantly.  I haven't found a solution yet.
  3. Hidden Selections/Texture swaps seem to work fine on the first or second lods then revert to what ever the base colour is... on the upside I might have accidentally found a way to make adaptive camouflage...:P
  4. Testing - My own Dedicated server isn't really up tot he task or testing for large numbers.  need to address that too.

And finally because I believe that if you cant change someone's perception of you by explanation you should just treat them exactly how they expect you too.

Here is the prebake model for the HAM aka MAN Trucks I've been working on since i got back from the UAE this earlier week.


So is RKSL dead?  


Is Rock motivated?

To make things I want to make and how & when I want to make them?  Then Yes.  

Does Rock care about the petty abuse/insults/demands/lies/BS being spread by certain people in the ArmA3 community?

[email protected]#k no, but I am tired of hearing about it.

Are we all Happy now?



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