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OK so I bought a triple monitor stand...

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2376584-a.jpg.c432b4735923edba5a46396644Hindsight is a wonderful thing...

I bought a new triple monitor stand. It's a great well made device. Good price too...

...the only downside is that to install it I've had to completely rip my home office apart...

I so wish I hadn't started this on a school night...




So it took me:

  • 2 hours to clear the office.
  • 30 mins to Vac and clean up.
  • 2 hours to re-cable.
  • 1.5 hours to re-fit peripherals.
  • 30 mins to realise i'd forgotten to plug the network cables.
  • 45 mins to plug & cable my chair back in.


 And a further 2 hours to tidy everything else up.


9 hours and 15 minutes to swap out a monitor stand...

...yes in hindsight there is NO FECKING way i would do this on a Wednesday night again.


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