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The Invention of the PERFECT Chemical Weapon

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chemical_symbol.png.cf6205280ed5a3cc3cda     I appear to have inadvertently created the perfect chemical weapon...

...I freely admit it was stupid.
...I was not really thinking when I did it.
...I just wanted to get rid of some mold off the grout.
...I took the dregs of 4 cleaning products and put them in the same spay container...

...EVERY window in the flat is open.
...My front door is open.
...I have a desk fan sucking air out of the bathroom.
...My face has melted.
...My breathing is reminiscent of Darth Vader with a severe chest infection.
...I'm pretty sure I just committed genocide against every creepy crawly in my house. (I hope Karma isnt real or im screwed)
I may have discovered a way to fuse Ceramics, plastics, metal and organic tissue into one super material.

On the upside:
I definitely don't have mold anywhere in the bathroom.

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