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You've not been around for a while...!?



Carol Jean Coverdale

You've not been around for a while...!?

In October last year my job got a lot more complicated for various reasons and at the same time my Mother’s health began to deteriorate drastically.  My available time to mod just vanished.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts my Mum has lived with the diagnosis of “terminal Cancer” hanging over her.

Twenty Five years ago she was diagnosed with terminal Breast Cancer and given just weeks to live.  She beat that prognosis by a period that amazed all of us. 

Nearly seven years ago now, while one holiday in France, she lifted an arm over her head and ended up screaming in pain.  After a scan the Military Hospital in Poitiers diagnosed her with Bone Cancer and its spread was extensive.  Another prediction of 2-3 months before the end; obviously that didn’t happen.

Stubborn determination does run in our family if you are wondering.

She became very ill in October last year and began to decline.  The family took the decision to move her into Bolton Hospice to ensure that she had the best possible care in the last days.  I spent most of November travelling the 80miles back and forth between my home and the hospice 2-3 times a week.

December 9th at 0650 my mother passed away.

You can imagine how we all felt.

My mother always encouraged me to be creative as a child.  It’s due to her in no small part that I make addons.  If you’d like to say thank you for that you can make a donation to Bolton Hospice in her Memory.

Carol Jean Coverdale 1948 - 2014

Donate to Bolton Hospice

Please consider supporting one of these charities. They really do make a difference to the lives of those living with Cancer. And one day the programmes they fund my just help save your life or the life of someone you love:

Donate to Macmillan   Donate to Cancer Research


Rock - January 30th 2015



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